Future Request - Ramp test exclusion


Is there anyway to exclude Ramp Test from personal records within future versions?

You can already exclude any workout from personal records. Just edit the activity and there’s a checkbox to excude the workout.

But why would you want to? Seems like if you’re setting a PRon a ramp test, that’s a valid PR for your ability.


Thank you for the reply. I was not aware of that function.

I want it out because Ramp Test is a test and the intention is to push more than your previous one. So it is not really a PR IMHO.
I just want to see my indoor training improvements plus some outdoor rides.

I will check that functionality and thanks again.

Of course it’s a PR. Your body is able to produce the power required to complete the test which means your body is able to produce the power that goes into your PRs from the test.

doesn’t matter the context really - test, workout, ride, race - your power is your power and it all counts.