Ramp test and 10-min Power

Hi Coaches, especially Coach Chad :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there is a scientific reason why I get a 10-min Power PB every time I have a successful Ramp test (with a new FTP). As far as I recall, the Ramp test is used to measure the VO2 Power and somewhat an assessment/estimation of actual FTP, so I can understand it can have a correlation with 5-min Power somehow, but I don’t get why it can be related to a longer Power duration.

P.s: This happened to me the past three times I did a successful Ramp test, so chances are it is random?


  • Amir

Have you done any other 10min Power efforts? I suspect it’s just because you haven’t pushed yourself specifically over the 10min timeframe.


Yup, relative to performance within the related Season(s), so keep that in mind. Depending on how you handle seasons, it’s possible to trip those PR’s more or less frequently.

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