Performances improving but not FTP

So I’ve done lots of riding this year. 9000km so far with lots of climbs. End of July was sitting at 288 ftp. In August had a great month of training, 2000km and 40.000 meters of elevation gain. I improved in all the usual climbs in my area and got KOMs or top 10 ranks. Was feeling strong, feeling I was climbing the fastest as ever and average speed increased. Also I saw changes in how my hr responded to efforts.

Returned to indoor after a month and did an ftp ramp test sure I was going to reach finally 300. But did not happen, I just got to 286.

I sit at 70kg. Doing structured training during the week and long rides in the weekends (sitting at around 300km a week). Doing both z2 and intervals (3x10, 2x15, 2x20).

Still I don’t get why I’m struggling at increasing ftp.

You could have had an off day. Was your last ftp also on the trainer with exact same setup and temp? Well rested, fuelled, low stress etc? Might be worth trying another test in a week from now.

That is very very very flat, you sure there were any climbs?

Presumably that’s 40km :man_shrugging:.

To OP, if performance is improving that’s the main thing. You don’t state at what intensity these 3x10 etc etc intervals are. It may be that you have increased your fitness but need to fine tune it/transfer it to FTP. It may also be that you’re better suited to something other than the Ramp Test.

FTP gains are usually limited by vo2 max or volume. Or both.

Yeah sorry it was 40.000 meter.

Intervals range between 275 and 285 and usually do them twice a week. I have to point out that I did 288 ftp at 71kg (4,05w/kg) and now I’m 286 at 69kg. Still my aim is to go to 300ftp regardless the weight.
Try to take advantage of the training and do another test in a week or so. Hope not to lose to much gains since now volumes are going down due to everyday duty.

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