No change in FTP

So i started with trainerroad about 12 weeks ago, I have followed every work out, I have switched some to outside but mainly all been on a smart trainer. 5 sessions a week. I’ve not seen any increase in FTP. I was hoping to see an improved figure after 6 weeks but stuck it for another 6 and still the same FTP. Been hoping for an increase… Anybody else have this?

No, but I’m sure your not alone. FTP is just a small part of performance. Those new to cycling and even experienced riders new to power get uber fixated with FTP because it’s a pseudo proxy for **** size. As one trains the three energy systems even though the number behind FTP doesn’t move (this time) there are physiological changes happening.

Point is, keep going. There is more to this than FTP. You may just need more sessions. Or perhaps for many reasons, you just suck at the ramp test. I am the worst with it but, can crush legions of riders who report wicked higher FTP’s than me outside in actual races and rides.


It’s also possible you underperformed on the FTP test and therefore the workouts aren’t challenging enough for you.

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Hi Bigbee, your account seems to be set to „private“…that means any advice you get here will not be based on data. You might want to consider changing to „public“ (at least temporarily). Cheers!

Happens to all of us. I’ve trained for 6 weeks and gone down in FTP… Sucks but it’s a long and winding road.

Hi. I’ve just changed my account to public Thanks for the advice.

What plan were you following?

Right off the bat after looking your profile I’d say you were probably a bit fatigued for the ramp test. You did 332 TSS the weekend before your test. That’s a bunch, especially considering your weekly average TSS is 420.

So I think you just carried some extra fatigue into the test.

Now that helps :+1: I can see your calendar overview now and noticed, that your TSS in Summer was around 900-1000, now you are in the 400 range. This might explain why you are not making gains. Even though you have more structure you only have 50% of the stress and also less volume.

For some reason i still cannot open the individual Workouts in your calendar :man_shrugging:

The high TSS was right before FTP was adjusted from 240->280. So most likely TSS was overstated.
I can see the ride details from the career page:

That link works for me as well, thanks! Even with understated FTP we are probably looking at a drop of 300-400 average TSS.

I am also wondering if the power source changed. First Ramp Test was not done in Erg Mode, Second was Erg Mode. Maybe a new Trainer? My difference one sided PM to Trainer is ~ 20 W

Yea, I noticed the change in trainers, although the latest ramp test was dec 22, also on ERG mode like the previous one…

Missed that one, because there was no FTP change.

I would also venture to say that part of the „issue“ is the unstructured weekend riding. Bigbee usually changes Saturday and Sunday sessions for group rides. This means the two long quality sessions and this 50% of the structure are missing.

I agree 100% with what’s been stated above.

Large drop in overall volume.

Half the structure has been removed.

Haven’t been at it long.

I’d almost be surprised that FTP hasn’t dropped.

Indeed the understated FTP means the TSS should have been 30% lower.
We see an average TSS of about 1000 before TR, so with the current FTP that would have been more like 700, while the weeks with TR have only been about 400 TSS.

So if he had followed the program in the weekends, it would still have a much lower TSS than before. Would that have been sufficient to improve FTP, would the intensity need to go up or is the FTP already that high that he needs much more stress to get ahead?

If 50% structure were enough to maintain My guess is that there should be improvement with 100% compliance.

Do you think i need to up my TSS through the week or stick with it??

Yeah first ramp test was done with bike power meter and the next 2 done with wahoo kicker (new trainer)

So are you saying no outside rides at all even if they are solo and following the plan?

Find another metric.

Are 12-15 minute sweet spot intervals easier now than they were 12 weeks ago?

Are your Strava segments getting faster?