FTP not improving - after 2 full cycles (base, build, speciality) FTP has remained the same

So I’ve gone through two full cycles:
The first one SS base (high vol)/Sustained Power (high vol)/40kTT (high vol);
and then the second one the same but mid volume (just in case I was over training).
My FTP has not improved at all after either of these sessions, most of the time I find it very, very difficult to complete the workouts, so I end up lowering my FTP so that the workouts can be completed. Obviously something is not quite right - I’m aiming to increase my TT performance (particularly 10mile) but I come from a background of 15 years of powerlifting so maybe I’m choosing the wrong event!
As a reference my FTP is ~250w, and my 1 minute max power is 530w (both in aero position) - obviously I’d like to narrow that gap!

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Are you using the same test each time? If your profile is public, post it here and several of us can help diagnose.

Yes, I’m using the ramp test (although have used 8 minute and 20 minute tests in the past). I think my issues are many fold, but I do wonder if the ramp test plays into my strengths (short duration’s) and instead I should have a more realistic value for my FTP by using the 20 minute test?
My profile is private (sorry that’s the paranoia that comes with working in IT security!) - I can’t see any way of sharing individual workouts!

Whats your plan adherence like?

Hows your nutrition? Are you eating enough and fuelling your workouts appropriately?

It might be possible that the ramp doesn’t suit you. No harm in attempting a 20 minute test and make sure you do bury yourself?

Do you have recent outdoor/race data that suggests you should perform better than you achieve with the ramp?

@Chipchopchippy we all know many guys doing really well in this sport who came from powerlifting, bodybuilding even American football. They aren’t climbers but, they are punchy badass roulers for sure. There is always hope and IMO your powerlifting background will serve you well.

And I’ll vouch for @stevemz. He is a wizard with analyzing data so if there is a way to send him some data via PM reach out to him. I think he can really help.

Until then just curious as to what your best 5 minute power is? I’m reaching here so don’t quote me or hold me to this but, 90% of your 5 minute power would be an outstanding FTP. 80-85% probably more normal. Just trying to narrow down what’s going on. Sounds like a week off the bike and maybe a week of petits then retest…


More than happy to help with analysis if you want to PM me a zip file of data.

More generically I would suggest looking at your target performances and see if you are improving. If so, the training is working, even if your tested FTP isn’t going up.