Outside workout with 530 while following course?

Just got a 530 with varia. (Varia is so amazing) and loving it. Been with tr for a few years now and back into sweet spot.

I am not the greatest wth directions so typically do courses via my garmin and would love to combine both if possible. I doubt it but wanted to ask.

Training outside is quite tricky, because you need a safe and suitable place to train. So following a route is IMHO not the right way to go. Depending on the type of workout, you should either look for a long, flat, uninterrupted and safe stretch (e. g. for sweet spot intervals) or a hill for short, sharp efforts that are separated by low intensity work.

Under no circumstances should you lose sight of your surroundings. That doesn’t just include cars, but you also need to pay attention to the road and so forth. I think this was also covered in one of the last podcasts.

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Follow @OreoCookie advise about adjusting your route with the workout in mind. If you do what to follow a route and do a workout, I’d suggest you do that for you longer, Z2, rides.

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Ah, I forgot about mellower rides, @PhydomiR, yes, completely agree.

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I’m doing it on my 830 - should be possible on 530 as well… as mentioned, pick a course that fits your workout intensity and prioritize safety over workout.

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Thanks all. I realize I need to make sure I am safe just wondering if it was possible. Should have clarified but meant to say i wanted to set the 530 to follow a course and press start and then go to the workout. Need to try it myself to see if it works.

Rode outside today just following a course and not the workout but got within the range of the tss so it worked out. 530 did well and varia is pretty cool and helped me feel more comfortable and worked great. I know a car can still hit me but much better knowing it is coming by the indicator on my 530 than looking behind me.