Taking workouts outside

@Nate_Pearson posted a topic last year about the possibility of TR having text based workouts for outside:

As the evenings start to get lighter, I’m just wondering which workouts users have completed successfully outside?

The problem I have here is I can’t really ride for long without having to stop for lights or a junction. There are a couple of 15 - 20 min climbs but it means cycling for just under an hour to get to them. So sweetspot and threshold sessions will always be a stop start affair so am I getting the same benefit? Can I just increase the interval time slightly to compensate for stops and undulating terrain?

With V02 efforts I could use shorter 2-6 min climbs but I question whether I’m recruiting the same muscles as if I were doing the efforts on the flat. Obviously not an issue if your event calls for that but I’ll mostly be riding crits. Does anyone successfully do V02 efforts outside on flat or rolling roads?

I assume sessions like Spanish Needles where there are lots of really short on/off efforts are out of the question or has anyone managed these and how?

Cheers guys!

Hey there!

With Sweet Spot and Threshold work, mid-interval stopping has a big negative impact on the effectiveness of the workout, so I would recommend sticking to the trainer if you don’t have time to make it out to the hills.

Regarding climbing vs. flats, you will recruit slightly different muscles due to the incline. Your power application will also feel slightly different due to the reduced inertia associated with the lower speeds seen while climbing. However, these are relatively minor and you can still get a great and effective workout by hitting these climbs.

In general, it is a lot tougher to execute your rides outdoors, especially for rides like Spanish Needle, Over-Unders, or anything where a high level of precision is required for successful completion of the workout. Typically, we recommend the highly structured work to be completed on the trainer, while the less structured work like Sweet Spot and Endurance riding can take place outside, provided you have the roads for it.

This thread could also have some food for thought :slight_smile: