Using "Outdoor" trainer workouts inside - training quality/efficiency


Wasn’t quite sure where to address this, so figured I’d try it here.

My power meter is no longer on speaking terms with my cell phone (Pretty sure it’s a power meter problem, but multiple calls to Quarq’s tech support didn’t resolve the issue). I’ve given up on resolving that issue, and instead I’ve been pushing the outdoor trainer road workouts to my Garmin Edge 530 (which seems to be willing to speak with the power meter). In TR’s Outdoor workout FAQ, it says the workouts may be different (since not all workouts are “outdoor approved”) or longer (since riding outside is less efficient). I’m just wondering if I’m losing out on doing it this way. Would using the indoor plans make for better training overall?

I’m just getting back on the bike after nearly a month off, and I’m certainly not (now or ever) at the “Tip of the Spear” when it comes to racing. However, I’ve gotten a ton of speed and power out of using TR and I want all the gains I can get. Is using the outdoor workouts going to pay the same dividends? Or do I go back to resolving the troubled relationship between Quarq bluetooth and my phone?


You using android or iphone? I’ve had weird bluetooth issues with android in the past and there are some compatibility options in the developer options section which can help :slight_smile:


I’m using Android (Pixel 3). It worked great for about 3 months, and not just keeps dropping the signal. If you have any thoughts on fixing that side of things I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

So I think some of your questions about the outdoor vs indoor work outs revolve around the following theory (I don’t think scientific research has been done).

" With an Outdoor workout, periods of micro recoveries are sprinkled in (stop signs, traffic lights, turns) all over the place. Removing all of these instances by riding indoor means less training time is required to receive the same amount of stress"

I would say that I agree with this difference, especially for endurance based rides. There is no coasting down the hill on the trainer. Shorter workouts, like V02 Max and sprints I prefer to do outside.