Outdoor Workouts with Old Garmin

Back onto TR after 10yr off of structured training. Weather is beautiful today so hoping to ride outside. I have power on my gravel bike, but only an older Edge 130 head unit.

Back in the day, I’d just tape a paper with the intervals on it and execute the intervals via lap function.

If I do that, I can’t get “credit” for doing the prescribed workout, only load it as an unstructured workout? Would it still impact AI FTP calculation and Adaptive Training? Just load to Garmin Connect w/ Activity Sync?

Seems silly to ride inside just for consistency of TR metrics. FWIW, I do plan to upgrade head unit soon.

The 130 is not compatible for automatic display of work outs on your head unit (pushing of workouts) but it will report back to TR. You can push workouts to the 130+ and other models.

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According to Garmin you can load workouts on a 130. I’m on a 800 and can load workouts. Just not as fancy as the new units and I think wording on some data blocks is different.

You never get credit for outside workouts even with the fanciest 1040 you associate them with a workout and rate yourself if you passed or failed (if you mark it as passed progress levels will increase accordingly)


Welcome back! :smiley:

@HLaB’s post has a great link to how Outside Workouts function with TR. You’ll want to link up your TR account with Garmin Connect.

Then, you’ll be able to have your uploaded workouts automatically sent to your TR Calendar. Outside workout files uploaded to TrainerRoad will automatically pair with your planned outside workout. If it doesn’t happen automatically (it should, though!), you can also do so manually:

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks all- I ended up riding inside as it wasnt going to warm up till later and wanted to get it done. I’ve ordered up a Edge 540 so I’ll be ready to go by next weekend.