Other Sports while IM Training

Hello All,

Just wondering if this happens to anyone else. Currently I am just finishing up my beer league Hockey season. (played all my life and can’t quit hockey lol) but there is an overlap in my hockey season and the start of IM training.

I was wondering how other people manage training with multiple sports (Football, XC Skiing, Soccer etc). Sometimes I can finish the TR week with all workouts done, and sometimes with the Hockey game in there I am just too tired and have dug myself into a hole.

I am thinking that for the weeks when I play hockey and feel like I need more of a rest to “substitute” the TSS from say the ~40min run workout (usually with sprints) for my hockey workout (usually short bench so I am on the ice a lot and it would be similar with the sprints)


I play soccer once a week (it’s indoor and 50 minutes with unlimited substitutions but we only have 2 subs or so), so lots of sprints and running for me (my team’s passing triangles are horrible, so there’s lots of running to make up lack of skill ;)).

In any case, are your games on a specific weekday? I find that it works out quite well that my soccer games are Sunday night, so that I have the highest TSS of the week in the morning from TR and then a day of complete rest.

You don’t say which volume plan you’re on, but if your training plan has a midweek Z2 endurance ride, I would take that out for hockey weeks and then modify it for non-hockey weeks so that it matches your fatigue as well as you can approximate that.

I find it hard to really compare the stress, mostly because it’s hard during a team sport game to not just go all-in. :slight_smile: