Recurring Non-cycling event into adaptive training

I was wondering what I should do with my calendar, I have two recurring events during the week (Ice hockey games), and I am curious as to what others would do to attempt to incorporate them to their training plan. These games are played flat out and are a little hard to compare to cycling but I would think they would be similar to a really hard cyclocross race (although I have never done a cyclocross race it appears that it would be similar).
I currently have one day set as a recurring workout with a TSS of 116 for a 75 minute game, the other I set into that calendar as a ‘C’ cyclocross race.

Any ideas?

Why do you want to quantify the effort? What decision will you make based off of the information?

If you really want to, I recommend recording your HR throughout an entire game and uploading it to a free TrainingPeaks account. Select the closest workout type - Custom, XC-ski, etc. TP will calculate a HR-based TSS.

Some HRMs have onboard memory (eg TickrX) or you can pair your HRM to your watch / bike computer and leave it on the bench. Bluetooth / Ant+ should have enough range to keep the two in contact across the arena.

I wouldn’t think of it as a CX race, that would be a lot of spiky efforts in between riding near threshold.
How long are your shifts? 30-45 seconds, a minute?
So a lot of hard intervals with 3 minutes rest?

I also thought of doing the Trainingpeaks HR TSS

Maybe even find a TR workout that has about the same number of shifts as VO2 Max intervals with similar rest?

Can’t speak to hockey specifically. but from my experience playing team sports that have reasonably different demands to cycling I think it’s just simpler to view them as separate inputs and choose your plan according to what you think you can achieve under those circumstances rather than adapt down based on metrics that don’t necessarily translate well.
Certainly not a precise method and takes a bit of trial and error, but so is balancing two sports, and given your other options are not great in that regard either you may find your energy/fatigue levels and experience to be a better measure of overall load than TSS.

(off-topic: i think there should be a strava segment equivalent for hockey fights)