Understanding Multisport Training

I’m trying to develop a better understanding of how training across multiple endurance sports works. For example, I ski (Nordic) several times a week during the winter in place of runs. I don’t swim, but I run ultras and cycle. I’m curious what information exists on how these interact with each other and how to think about training across them?

Other than base fitness, are there ways to make training across these multiple sports benefit each other? Should workouts in some sports be prioritized over others for different purposes? Would love to read more about all this, but not sure where to start! Thanks for any ideas you’ve got.

I guess it depends on the end goal. Overall, other sports will help develop your engine. And as you move closer to your A race, you want to get more specific to what you’re going to be doing during the race.

So sure, during winter, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, and alpine skiing would be good (all three mentioned here would work on different things actually).
I think everyone wants to be doing things they enjoy in order to not get bored or burnt out from whatever their end goal might be.

For more specificity about what sports translate best to other sports though, i don’t know.

Assuming that you are a TR user, you can review the plans and comments within the Triathlon plans for some guidance. You will see the Base, Build, Specialty development between the Swim, Run and Bike sports. They may give you an idea of how to align your own workouts in the different sports in a similar fashion.