Order of workouts

I’m using plan builder and AT, and am a big fan. I love hopping in the bike in the morning confident that the workout will push me but not break me.
With that said, AT is great, but it doesn’t know when I have a big meeting, a sinus infection, or enjoyed too many Piny River Black Walnut Wheat ales the night before.
Obviously (to me, anyhow), I control my training, so it’s easy enough to move my endurance day or rest day to a day I feel bad and move the stretch VO2 workout to a day I should feel better.
My question is whether that interferes with AT’s ability to adjust my levels, and whether I’m interfering with the intended adaptations.
On a related note, we all know that consistency is the best way to get results, but what constitutes consistency? Does working out at different times of day or moving training days (ie change a TTS week to a MWF week or change the hard day) make a big difference if we still maintain weekly/monthly system focus, TS, and miles/hours?

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  • AFAIK, within a specific workout week (Mon thru Sun per TR layout), there are no problems when swapping workouts between your desired days. However, I do think there were comments about issues if you swap workouts between different weeks (jumping across the M-S mentioned above).
  • Per comments on the cast, I don’t think the finite level of timing (morning, noon, night) is the “consistency” aspect that matters. The more macro level of doing the desired number of workouts per week, each week, is the biggest gain. Avoiding sporadic hits/misses seems the real goal in “consistency”. So I think your larger focus on the Week/Month is what really matters more than the finer level.
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Moving and timing within a week doesn’t really matter. Just get the work done.
About the timing, I usually do my mid week workouts in the afternoon when I get home from work. My weekend workouts are usually in the morning. But I’ve changed it up and it didn’t really change anything for me, but it does feel slightly different. Doing a endurance ride in the morning after a late night vo2max workout the day before, is a bit more challenging then doing that endurance ride in the evening. You just have a bit more rest.

Consistency is in my opinion all about doing the prescribed work, week in, week out. Timing or order isnt that important.