A few (hopefully) straightforward questions about AT and the workout calendar

I’ve searched the forums, and read all the FAQs. Hoping that somebody can answer a few questions about AT, how it works, and managing your calendar accordingly. I’ve seen mixed responses on a few of these points.

My overall goal here is to give AT the best possible inputs so that I benefit from the best possible outputs. So that said…

1. If I miss an AT generated workout (via PB) on a particular day, should I keep the uncompleted workout on my calendar, or can I just delete it?

2. If I miss an AT generated workout on a particular day, is it “bad” if I reschedule, or push that workout to the next day (from Tuesday to a Wed, let’s say)? Or is the best approach in that situation to use Train Now to generate a recommended workout?

3. Does AT “see” Train Now workouts and manually added workouts that are in addition to the workouts that PB populates my training calendar with?


Best info AFAIK:

  1. Leave it in place so AT knows you missed / skipped it. I feel it’s also valuable from a “look back” standpoint to know you missed a planned workout.

  2. Feel free to shift that workout to a day you will actually perform it. That is the “best” method if you actually plan to perform one on a different day. Using the workout that Plan Builder gave you keeps it linked fully within AT. You can use TrainNow, but I tend to only do that when I decide to do something notably different from the one PB & AT gave me (ex: choosing to do a SS workout instead of a scheduled VO2, or add an entirely new workout).

  3. Yes, you may impact AT but it depends. If you do a manual or TN workout, and it increase your PL in that zone, AT may adjust pending workouts from the actual PB plan based on the PL change. I am not sure what happens with that extra workout if you do one lower than your current PL, or if you struggle. It may well do nothing, since that workout is not tied into PB.