Adaptive Training looking more than one workout ahead

Hi all, Ive been using TR for about 4-5 years, and love it as a place to get inspiration and thinking about training in a scientific way. Naturally I am excited about the AT-option, however i really dont like the “auto-pilot” aspect of it. Having a demanding job and other obligations, aswell as balancing cycling with running and floorball, I have to constantly adapt my weekly training plan.

Therefore i have never actually used a TR-plan, i just choose my own workout each day, considering how it fits in with my week, fatigue, available time etc. In a way I am my own little AT-coach. Given my approach its interesting to compare my own selection of workouts with the AT suggestions, and to my surprise i find they almost never coincide.

What i really miss is if instead of just a suggestion for the “workout of the day”, AT would provide me with like a plan for the next 3, 5 or 7 days. Or like i feature where i based on my recent workout hitory was provided with a suggested program for the next 7 days. Then i could compare this with my own feeling, my available time, commitments or other planned workouts.

As it is at the moment i really end up using TR only as a software to create and run workouts and track my progress, but get limited utility from the plans or AT.

Train Now could be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t plan out 3-7 days like you’re looking for, but it does look at your recent training history and give you a suggestion for a workout.

But without knowing your goals I doubt anything could do much better.

Have you tried a low volume plan? You can still move workouts around to different days, swap them to alternate workouts if you have more/less time available, or simply ignore them altogether and do something else. But at least you’ll have some structure that looks ahead and is progressing you. Can also put your non-cycling obligations in the diary and plan builder will work around them.

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I would I think I would build a planbuilder plan anyway and just move things around/ annotate as you need to. Life happens and that supposed to one of the main benefits of AT it adapts around you.

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I dont really feel i need a plan to be able to pick good workouts, the library is vast, and I often have “more advanced” things in mind than i feel TR would select for me automatically. This could be block periodization, tapering legs for a hard workout or running etc, see example of weeks:

Perhaps another option would be some sort of generated information on my training, to help me review how i train compared to other athletes, like:
“Comparative zone distribution”, “Comparative w/kg values vs traaining volume”, "Rider profile “slow vs fast”. etc etc. The possibilities here to provide interesting insight and guiding towards future training is almost endless.