Transitioning from General Base and Build to Triathlon

I have just complete sweet spot base 1&2, then general build low volume in preparation for a 4 day cycling trip in the Scottish Highlands next weekend. I have signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon later in early September, the bike corse if rolling hills with nothing too steep or long, so will be transitioning to my time trial bike for ttraining over the next few months.
Given that summer is approaching, including a two week trip in July where I’ll be travelling and will have no bike (not even sure if I’ll be able to swim or even run much but I’ll take kit), which programme would anyone suggest next; do I restart at base and then build and accept I’ll be nowhere near specialty phases, or has the training I’ve done so far allow me to move to specialty phase some time in June?
I’m reasonably experienced at all triathlon distances but training time is limited by a busy job and family commitments. I last tested at 266 FTP and currently weigh 61kg.

Take a look at the TR article “Dealing with Training Interruptions”

If you don’t have enough time for the full base-build-specialty progression, the general advice is to start with base and get as far as you can. However, with SSB and GB done, going back to Tri Base may not be necessary if you have been reasonably consistent with your running and swimming - Oly Tri Build and Specialty may be the better approach.