Scheduling Problems? Planning for Triathlon - August 25-26th 2019

I want to do triathlon 8/25/19.

I’d like to focus on biking until spring and then add in running and swimming. I’ve been commuting every day 21 miles round trip since March. Lost weight and gotten faster, but no structure. Lately I’ve been trying to keep cadence high, heart rate below 148. But… I can’t help chasing when I get passed. And if I’m in a hurry to see family, I often go harder. My Kickr Core is on the way…

Was thinking of doing this:
Base - Sweet Spot Base Low Volume I and II (10/15-1/4) 12 weeks
Build - Sustained Power Build (1/7-2/28) 8 weeks
Specialty - 40k TT (3/4-4/26) 8 weeks

One week off 4/29-5/3

Base - Olympic Triathlon (5/6-6/14) 6 weeks
Build - Olympic Triathlon (6/17-7/26) 6 weeks
Specialty - Olympic Triathlon (7/29-9/20) 8 weeks

And… I overshot the race date. Should I skip specialty from my first winter phase and go right back to build? Also, if I choose low volume for everything, can I keep commuting by bike if I take it easy?

I figured it out. I’m doing Base/Build/Base/Build/Specialty:

Sweet spot base I
Sweet spot base ii
Sustained power build
Olympic Triathlon base
Olympic Triathlon build
Olympic Triathlon specialty