Nutrition with Daniel Healey

Thorough explanation of how to eat and why, before during and after a ride. Haven’t heard a lot of this stuff on the TR podcast before and thought it should be shared.

“We uncover the reason why the former World Champion would shove two fists full of gummy bears into his mouth immediately after a hard effort and how this is part of a bigger process of targeting nutrition around your exercise. Daniel Healey is going to run through his 6 steps to perfect nutrition using readily available foods that will give you all the energy you need to perform and recover like the best.”


Surprised this topic hasn’t had more discussion.
I’ve been following this since I first heard (played it back a few times since) and I’ve shared this episode with mates who have also had good success from this protocol. I actually read the about the bulk of this protocol in an article by Mick Rogers from 2017, where Daniel added pieces of information. But this podcast episode has more details.

I am not sure about the post workout recovery. Feels like there’s conflicting information on this (timing and what to have exactly).

Any links/data on the best post workout protocol to follow or is the level difference between people results in you needing to find what works for you?

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