Nutrition When Sick

I’m entering my recovery week after mid-volume SSB II and my entire household is fighting a bad cold and I’m starting to feel under the weather myself. I recently started using myfitnesspal to keep an eye on my nutrients and macros. What adjustments,if any, do I need to make when fighting an illness? Obviously I’m making sure I am getting enough vitamins, but what about carbs, protein, calories? Should I increase, maintain, or decrease anything? I’m not running a fever, but it could go that way since my son had one for two days. My main goal is recovery so I wont push any workouts if sick. Any other recommendations?

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Just stick to healthy foods per usual focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. You may need less food as you’re not exercising as much or with the same intensity, but let hunger dictate that. If anything, increasing your sleep will have a positive impact on recovery from illness.

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Eat according to your appetite and eat healthy foods.

Waves of viruses swept through my school in Feb-March this year – and I spent the better part of four weeks off the bike with back-to-back bugs.

I gained nearly 10 pounds. But, I was hungry all the time and my body needed it (I never ran a fever, so I didn’t take a sick day – fun fact: most adults with flu bugs don’t run a fever).

It took me a while to lose the weight, but trying to restrict calories while sick is dumb. Eat good food. Eat plenty of it. Deal with the after effects later.

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