Getting Over Flu - Looking for recommendations

So, I finished week 5 of Sweet Spot Base Mid Vol 1 on monday. Then promptly came down with the flu monday night. My question is…what would be the best course of action as far as scheduling? I’m in the middle of the last week of the block, thr recovery week, with easy endurance workouts scheduled wed, thurs, fri, sun, monday.

My fever broke late tuesday. I started feeling better a bit wed, and am much betfer today, but certainly not ‘over’ it. I took wed off, and have no plans for getting on the bike today, and likely not tomorrow. But…am I being too optimistic in thinking it’s a good idea to ride sun/mon, then take the ssb2 ramp test on wed? I’m wondering if I should just push everything back a week and do the recovery rides next week, then start ssb2 the week after.

Any advice from those more experienced than I would be helpful.

Here’s a few threads that have some good information…


General rule: Ease into it; don’t worry about losing TSS… it’s a recovery week, so recover.

I had a stomach virus, running a fever for about 24 hours over New Year’s Eve (Monday) coinciding with the start of my recovery week 6 on SSB1MV. I felt just OK on New Year’s Day (Tuesday), so I didn’t push anything. I normally start my training weeks on Monday, but played safe and waited until Wednesday, and went as follows:

Wednesday - Pettit
Thursday - Bald Knob
Friday - Andrews
Saturday - Fletcher
Sunday - Truuli -2 (opener prep for ramp test)
Monday - Ramp Test starting SSB2MV
Tuesday - Pettit
Wednesday - Ebbetts
Thursday - Off

Pettit was OK, not as easy as usual, but definitely a good way to ease back into the training plan. I dropped the shorter ride and one of the other off days. With the reduced intensity of the week, I was easily able to handle the workload without my normal Thursday/Sunday rest days. YMMV.

If your fever broke late Tuesday, and you took Wednesday off. I’d be really tempted to try Pettit Thursday (today). If that’s no good, then maybe go with Carter and see how that feels. Why not:

Today: Carter or maybe FreeRide 30 min really easy
Friday: Pettit
Saturday: Bald Knob or Off
Sunday: Andrews
Monday: Fletcher
Tuesday: Off/Opener
Weds: Ramp

You might even feel better if you get some light work in. I’d try a short easy workout and see how I feel. Ultimately, none of those workouts are going to tax you too much, so it’s an ideal time to ease back in before starting SSB2. You know your body best. Listen to it!


Happened to me too. Right on week 1 on SSB HV 2. I was being a bit silly and doing my workouts on the road for a change. Freezing but was nice for a change. Last night I got the tickle in my throat and started coughing. Been all downhill from there. Feel like ass atm.

Haven’t had a flu or cold in nearly 20 years! I think it’s cycling related. Low immune system after 3 hard days back to back. Rides were harder than TR’s workouts…

Instead of creating a new thread I searched and now I’m resurrecting an old. :slight_smile:

I got sick, fever and stomach flu feb 1:st which was during the second week of general build.

Tried to get back tuesday 5:th with a VO2Max-workout and the cold broke out causing me to rest until friday the 8:th before feeling OK to start again.

My question is basically how I should restart. I’m feeling well enough to go hard this week and if I do that the week following is supposed to be my recovery-week. Not sure I want/ need that with the illness that caused me not to train at all.

What’s recommended?

Sounds like you missed one week of training is that right?

If you’re feeling back to 100%, I would just start General Build over at Week 1. That way you can get a whole, uninterrupted training block in before the rest week. If you don’t want to go all the way back to Week 1, I would definitely recommend repeating at least Week 2 since it sounds like you were unable to complete the prescribed training due to your illness.

I hope this helps!

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Yeah I’ll repeat week 2 and run through the training plan from there. Thanks!

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