Coming back from Food Poisoning

Hey Folks -

Knocked out pretty hard Monday night and was completely a wreck Tuesday. I’m feeling mostly better today - what sort of signs do you folks look for when coming back to training from some serious war grade food poisoning?

Doc wasn’t super helpful with that sort of inquiry and while I’ve managed things like sinus infections and the flu, I haven’t really had serious food poisoning since I started training, so I’m feeling a little in the dark.

I had something similar a month ago. My one recommendation would be try getting back up to weight before training again. If you try jumping back into hard training you’re asking to get sick (flu/cold). Once your weight is back to normal. Ease back in with some short low power rides. Once those feel good get back on it.

Hydration is the main thing. Restoring electrolyte balance and then carbs and you should be OK.

Thanks for the advice. It took me about 5 days after the episode to get the motivation to get back on the bike and I did a easy hour one. The next day I was good though. It’s a b*****.

Hi all, had a similar event and was looking for some advice in when to get back on the bike. I had some food poisoning on Friday night and I felt pretty sapped Saturday. I feel ok now but not 100% so think simply put riding today is not a good idea. My question really is what to do tomorrow or next week?

I had one ride left on my current Sustained power build, low volume phase of Galena +1. I see it I have 3 options.

  1. Try and start Galena +1 late and see how I feel, maybe do 1 or 2 intervals or if I’m feeling fine I’’ get all 3 done. I can then get 2 or 3 of the recovery rides I am scheduled for the week in any way and in theory limit my losses.
  2. Accept I have lost Galena +1 and just carry on with the recovery week and the long intervals might just be a bit of a bigger step next week.
  3. Don’t ride for longer. Not sure when I would know I have my strength fully with this option.

In retrospect, it wasn’t the worst time to get a bug but interested in what others in a similar situation have done?

Thanks in advance.