Nose Breathing, Recovery Drinks, Double Days and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 187

Join us live for Episode 187 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! Topics to be discussed: does nose breathing actually improve performance, are recovery drinks essential, why and when you should consider double days and more! Tomorrow morning at 8:00am Pacific!

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Live Notes

New Resume Ride Feature

You’ll receive the following notification when reopening the app after not completing a ride.

New Interval Search Feature

You’ll find the new Interval Search feature on any past ride from the website.

Here’s one of Pete’s crits where he’s analyzing all the instances he averaged 400 watts for 30 second durations during the race.

He had been training his 30 second power capabilities and can see from the Interval Search he performed 56 Intervals at that intensity. This confirms that his training has been successful.

The Bell Curve of TrainerRoad Users

Pettit +1: Example of an Endurance ride that could be used for a double-day (click to view the ride)


Wolfjaw +5: Example of an interval workout with Endurance work at the end (click to view the ride)


TrainerRoad Cyclocross Training Plan

Example of a workout from the CX plan: Sassafras (click to view the ride)

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Double days are on my future calendar…guess I’ll have to listen/watch to see if they actually should be!

And the science (or not) of nose breathing will be interesting.

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This will be my first time tuning in to a podcast live!!!

Still no booster for Chad?


@chad must have been a very, very naughty boy


How exactly do you access the interval search feature? Is it live now?

Hope we get over 100 for ‘Disaster’ Day!


So I guess there wont be any special Forum Flair for the people that finish the Disaster Day.

There’s a shirt that can be ordered supporting World Bicycle Relief if you scroll thru the feed; super cool design.


I saw that. I thought maybe TR would be on board with the event, but it sounds more like they’re not down.

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@mackeenj you’ll find the Interval Search feature on The Ride Details Page of all of your past rides.

You’ll access this on the website by logging in, selecting “Past Rides” from the nav, selecting a ride, and toggling the Intervals Table to “Search”.

I’ll post a screenshot in the live notes in a moment. :slight_smile:

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Is anybody else experiencing the video on this page auto-pausing?

@JMickel They’ve not really encouraged other than to say we’re crazy. It makes sense, though, since there is inherent liability if they ‘endorse’, I suppose.

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We recently experienced some issues with the embedded YouTube video within the forum posts.

If it’s getting choppy today, view the stream here:


Regarding Junior Racers. When kids are going through these high growth years they go in an out of form quickly. They have a growth spurt and become gangly, uncoordinated, and under-muscled (and their bike is too small) and get crushed. They get the coordination back and get better. Then they muscle up into their new size and they’re on top. Then they grow some more. For the kids it makes sense to focus on the things they can control and understand that a lot what happens with the podiums has to do with this growth cycle that is beyond their control.


Nate. If you’re looking for things to research with the TR data base, I’d be interested in the following: How much TSS, on a sustained basis, does it take to 1) Maintain FTP, 2) Slowly increase FTP, 3) quickly increase FTP. This data might need to be sorted into Age/Sex buckets.


I love the podcast, but I have to wonder what is going on why the guys are always so sick.

‘Tis the season…

A LOT of us are sick! :sneezing_face::tired_face:

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Yeah, I mean in general. It seems all year long. I haven’t even had a real cold in years, seems like @Jonathan and @Nate_Pearson in particular get sick a ton.

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Would you classify training at say 8pm at night and 6am next morning as a double day?? If so how would you differ your recovery and pre-workout meal to suit the overnight and sleep aspect?

Basically I have a structured outdoor Monday night bike workout that lasts 2 hours from 7pm-9pm I am generally home by 9.45 TSS for past 2 weeks has been around 240, I then have a swim workout at 6am next morning which again is a tough session. Both are key workouts for me but as they are scheduled by 2 separate clubs I can’t change the times or days. At present I have my dinner at 4.30pm which consists of Chicken, wholemeal rice and veggies, Cliff bar around 30 mins before my bike session and a gel 1 hour in. Upon completion of my workout i have a SIS Recovery shake and a bow of cereal and milk when I get home before bed.

Upon waking for my swim around 5.20am i have two slices of white toast with butter and honey and a double espresso.

At the moment I am feeling ok but I can definitely feel the fatigue creeping in around 40min into the swim.

Any ideas?