Breath Training, Why You Aren’t Getting Faster, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 417

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(0:00) :checkered_flag: Ivy and Jonathan are racing Singletrack 6! Short preview, expectations, etc.
(16:00) :lungs: Do inspiratory and respiratory breathing (breath training) devices make you faster?
(33:09) :hot_face: What is the maximum amount of training busy professionals should do? (Balancing work with training)
(42:15) :face_with_monocle: Why you aren’t getting faster (Why isn’t my training working?)
(57:02) :fire: Why you are getting dropped in race starts (how to train for hard starts)


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Right off the top, @Jonathan not being 100% transparent with @IvyAudrain about Single Track Six…:rofl:


I’m a private chef and work 10-12 hour days 5-6 days a week. Sometimes I end up working 12 days straight, like right now. I’m not on my feet the whole time but I sure get a lot of stress between shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, setting and serving tables, to being present and smiling, talking with my principals and guests.
The best thing for my fitness is working out first thing in the morning, somedays are harder than others. Nutrition is easy for me since i make food for a living. I can see how that is different for others, I would suggest have some solid carb snacks around.
I love Bread (toast with butter) easy to make/ eat and one of my favorite snacks.
Sleep gets affected but I’m on a good routine at the moment. Definitely have days I need to power through at 530 am.
Also listen to your body and make changes when needed. Im definitely not great at adjusting but I’ve been getting better. When in doubt sleep in and get back at it the next scheduled workout day.



Username checks out :joy:

Glad to hear this! I also think this is the best bet for busy professionals. There’s just SO much uncontrollable influence in your day that has potential to sabotage training, so if you can get it in before that, come what may!


Yea it definitely is, but also isn’t somedays :joy:
I really enjoy having structure with bike workouts and TrainerRoad gives me plenty of ways to manipulate based on life stressors. I’m trying my best and mess up a lot but learn from it. Like last week when I did a hard group ride when I knew I shouldn’t have. That eventually caught up to me, but a couple easier days with good sleep had me back on track.


I did share the Sid and Macky Series on it shortly after you said she was doing it with you many months ago, so she’s had time to see it and potentially back out. You two will both do great AND have a good time too.

Type 2 Fun…

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I did try airofit, but didn’t feel it was helping so I returned during the return window. No loss, and satisfied my curiosity.


Dang, @Jonathan on the FAspens…!

Looking forward to the bike build break down.

Honestly think it’s mental this ‘product’ ever saw the light of day.

But then there’s that “Arm exerciser” I won’t post a picture of as this is a family podcast, so…


Also The Norwegians have been spreading rumours that they’re doing choir singing to improve lung capacity


Along the lines of posts in other threads.

I really appreciated the breakdown of a riders training on this pod.

It’d be a cool semi-regular feature. There’s a lot of people making really basic mistakes that have no idea. It obviously takes a fair drop of self awareness/maturity to put yourself out there and accept the constructive criticism.



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After listening, I think you have the start of a new segment, roast my training. I volunteer to go next.


Just because I feel it’s not said often enough🙂: thank you to Jon, Ivy and the whole crew for taking the time (and stress) to put out a stellar podcast!
It may be part of your job, but it is no easy feat to achieve and it does bring value to many people’s lives. Keep up the good work!


Well O2 has been a great help to me. It’s a Finnish device, I don’t know if this device is sold there in the USA. Several top Finnish athletes use Well O2. jukka

I would actually really enjoy this. Instead of the successful athletes perspective, take an average athlete and work through the nitty gritty of training


The WLV2 teases are killing me @Jonathan


That would be a great new perspective. Take an “average” TR user and show what s/he has been doing right and wrong and maybe ways to improve. Or examine TR users that have stagnated and look into potential solutions. Easy enough for TR to just have users submit to the podcast if they’d be interested in having their training examined. Instead of the Successful Athletes podcast you’ll have Struggling Athletes podcast!


More than once, I’ve considered submitting a question that would require the team to look into my training history to answer, just so I could get a basic thumbs up or thumbs down on my training, habits, productivity, etc.