Possible plan builder bug?

Hello! I started the low volume plan and I am on my 4th week currently in SSBLV1. When I went through the custom plan builder I did not catch that it scheduled me 5 weeks of SSBLV1, a recovery week then after recovery week it jumps right into only 1 week of Short Power Build low volume with no ramp test, then the following week is a ramp test and SSBLV2 for 5 weeks.

From what I have seen its common to follow a recovery week with a ramp test and at least 4 to 8 weeks of short power build.

Just Curious if this is expected or a possible bug in the custom plan builder and something I need to fix on my calendar?

If you are using AIFTPD ( How to Use AI FTP Detection – TrainerRoad) the placing of a ramp test is less important, is that what you are worried about (not being fresh for a traditional ramp test)? They (ramps) do generally come after a rest week though.

@NadimMadani, did you enter an “A” goal event in when you created your plan? If so, that is likely to have had some effect with your 1 Week of Short Power Build. I’ve seen PB do that as well, though not as low as a 1 week phase. It’s dependent on your level of expertise with interval training and when you scheduled your goal event in relation to the start date of the plan. I’m currently in the Build Phase of my plan, which is on my calendar at only 6 weeks as opposed to 8 if I added the phase to my plan manually due to where my A event is scheduled next spring.

I believe PB prioritizes SSB and speciality phases when it comes to shortening weeks in your overall plan. I could be mistaken with this last statement, so don’t quote me on it.

I did not add any events or time off. When selecting my experience with interval training I selected “I have some experience with interval training”. I also chose Criterium for the speciality. The only thing I can think of that would mess with the scheduling is I selected an end date in May, so my plan goes from Sept 30th to May 28th. I am thinking maybe given a shortened time to train and lack of expertise with interval training that it gave me 1 week of the build phase. The ramp test following the build phase instead of recovery week still throws me off though. I am not using AIFTPD, I prefer taking the ramp tests.

Hey @NadimMadani!

As you mention, normally, we will schedule a Ramp test at the start of a new training block (which normally comes after a rest week). However, if you have a little more or less time before your A event (as @Will_Peters helpfully mentions), this pattern may be adjusted slightly to give you the most optimal Training Plan given your time- frame.

Scheduling Ramp tests too often is counterproductive. Since your Short Power Build block is less than 4 weeks long, we replace the Ramp test, knowing that you will be scheduled for a Ramp test soon.

Keep crushing! Your consistency is exemplar! :star2:

So that’s
5 work weeks
1 recovery week
6 work weeks

@SarahLaverty Is plan builder really that rigid and trapped into combining the existing block structure from the static plans…especially with regards to those longish base plans?
Do you think PB resulted in a good outcome here?

I’m pretty sure most coaches would not structure 12 weeks that way but moreover use something like
3 work
1 recovery
3 work
1 recovery
3 work
1 recovery

Doesn’t that look much better? BTW that would also fall into the very very long standing feature request of adjusting / more freedom over plan structure (more recovery for older athletes).

I think you raise a good point. I think the optimal outcome/ Training Plan depends on the recovery needs of the athlete.

We acknowledge that accommodating for athletes with different recovery needs is an area for improvement in Plan Builder. Creating Masters Plans, which include more recovery, has been part of that discussion.

Thanks for your input. We really appreciate the feedback, and I will continue to pass it along to the team!

Unfortunately this has been discussed here for the last god knows how many years now and here we are still discussing it.