ReBuild Or Base

Hello World :slight_smile:
Almost finish “General Build” Low volume, 8 weeks plan,
There is no event in the near future, still would like to become faster and increase ftp, (like very one :rofl:).
Whats you opinion another 8 weeks build to choose base plans?

I have seen others here suggesting starting with Sweet Spot Base II again. It starts off with VO2max intervals and higher intensity work so that you won’t lose the higher FTP you just built. But also expands on your strength endurance so that you can then enter Build again with a higher ceiling from which to build.

Basically, it won’t hurt to follow Base-Build-Base-Build right now. And since SS Base I is a lot of just Sweet Spot work, you might lose some of the VO2max gains you’ve accumulated but you’ll lose less of those if you enter at SS Base II right now.


Drop back to SSB pt2. Then do a different Build plan - after all it’s likely that we’re going to be here for a while (depending on your location of course) so might as well see how the plans you wouldn’t normally consider play out. If you use plan builder then it generally does Base - Build - repeat until the last block before your main ‘A’ event.

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thanks SSB2 II Seems OK

I think SSBII is a good suggestion but also consider the fatigue you are carrying. If you are very fatigued then maybe a shortened SSBI would give you a good chance to wind down and spend some time at lower intensity before going back to the hard work. I finished sustained build MV about a month ago and was thrashed so I went back to almost purely sweet spot for 3 weeks before going back to intensity and I’m really glad I did.
However, if you feel good and are chomping at the bit for more work then go to SSBII and keep building that FTP.

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I hear a lot of good arguments for why to go back to Base. But what is the arguments for why not another Build? I am in a very similar situation. Gone through SSB1LV, SSB2LV, Sustained Power Build LV. I do not feel trashed, and according to I am mostly in the “grey zone”.

Having worked on my sustained power, I want to jump into the short power build LV. Is this a bad idea, and if so, why?

I finished Sustained Power Build in early Feb and was trying to decide between re-basing with SSBI or SSBII. I went SSBI and was glad I did. It took me 3-4 week to feel like I fully shed the fatigue from SPB. My FTP assessment at the end of re-basing with SSBI was the same as the beginning, so no gainz lost.

Also, if your FTP increased, re-basing with SSBI might be a good way to recalibrate your internal RPE meter to your new threshold. One thing I find difficult with a big FTP bump is realigning my assessment of RPE with the new power targets. Old threshold RPE might now be at sweet spot power, 105% FTP RPE might now be new threshold power, and it takes a little while for my brain to adjust to the old 105% FTP RPE being held for much longer.

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