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I’m one week into the sweetspot mid plan and have today changed the completion date of the speciality phase which means there will be a gap of 6 weeks between sweetspot mid volume 2 and build. I’m therefore going to repeat one of the base phases. Am I better off repeating sweetspot volume 1 or 2? So, V1, V1 then V2 or V1, V2 then V2? I’ll be moving on to the short power build and crit speciality.


Out of those choices I would repeat block 2. It has more varied workouts.

If your base is solid you could repeat the first six weeks of build. Or do the first four weeks then start again. Having two weeks free in a plan might not be the worst thing in the world.

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Thanks for the advice guys!

Repeating same training within short timespan has the problem of not adding enough new stimulus for your body. Thus you could also try adding a different plan to that 6 weeks. One way would be to do 6 weeks of traditional base before your sweet spot base.

If I’d be you I would be tempted to try something completely different, e.g., between base and build. One option would be to take the traditional base and add some intensity to it. That would provide you with more base, new kind of stimulus and also something that you wouldn’t do otherwise (namely the long slow stuff). This is, however, just my own idea without much evidence.

I have been repeating ssbii either 2 or 3 times each winter before going in to build. Since i go for the offroad specialty and short power build i just don’t agree with adding more intensity to the plan by doing a double build unless working on a limiter. 12 weeks of base work for 16 + weeks of intensity is on the low end of providing a solid foundation for the really hard weeks of build specialty and then maintaining fitness through your season.

The increase in your power increases the stimulus each block. Imo ssbi is almost too easy if you are an experienced rider and the old faq when i started suggested going right to ssbii so i did ssbii back to back with great success.