New user FTP - possible improvements

Hi folks!!!
I have just completed the rump test on TR–> 183 :crazy_face: .

I’m 31 yo, back on the bike basically after two year stop after my daughter’s birth. Now despite business trips and busy daily routine I had to find a way to re start pedalling, I missed it too much.

I felt to need some sort of guidance and method to better optimize my training, considering that I don’t have much time, and TR seems to be the best option around :grinning::grinning:

I’m starting with a low volume customized plan.
I’d like your opinion about the effective improvements that are reachable with TR consideting my starting point; 2 years ago I was a decent amateur with FTP around 300w for 71Kg, now I find myself at 183W for 79Kg …a bit depressing but the motivation is high.

Using mostly TR do you guys think it is possible to go back to my previous shape??



Think back to when you were that decent amateur with FTP around 300w for 71kg.

How much time were you training then?

How much time will you be training now?

The smaller the difference between those two times then, imo, the sooner you can be back to a comparable level.


I think it is very doable to get back to where you were if you make the commitment and are consistent. I had a similar situation, but 50 years old, and did my first ramp test almost exactly one year ago(7/26/23) with a 227 FTP result. Followed TR plan through the end of last year and have had a coach since the start of this year as I am doing Leadville 100. Just did a final 20 minute FTP test last week resulting is 325 FTP (343 avg watts for 20 minutes) at 79kg. This is also higher than my FTP 10 years ago when I was racing. The success I attribute to being very consistent with following the plan with 12+ hours riding each week. Having history of riding I think has also helped.



TR plans will give you a nice system of progressive overload, the key part I would guess is the consistency in your different lifestyle now.

Be realistic on the time you have to train, and the time you have to recover, and enjoy whatever gains you see.


Thanks for your inputs!!
Now I’m starting with low volume following TR suggestions as I have really not trained almost st all for two years…this would means around 5hrs / week on TR…I would like to combine at least one outside road per week.

Until two years ago I was around 8hrs-10/week only outiside (200-300kms), but without any precise training plan… I was just full gas all the time :rofl:

I hope I’ll be able to put in place a similar progress! Sound impressive!!


For real improvement, the keys are putting three things into your training (in this order!!!):

  1. Consistency
  2. Volume
  3. Appropriate amounts of intensity

Too much intensity without the right volume and you’ll burn out. Anything you do inconsistently will fail to produce desired results.

As noted above, be realistic about what kind of volume you can realistically do. Make SURE you are always recovering appropriately from your training (and other) stress. Then add volume, with appropriate amounts of intensity, and enjoy whatever gains you see.

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Just think back to two years ago when you walked around with a 4.23 Watts/Kg FTP. I presume that took some serious training and effort.

Closing the gap on half the training time will be harder to do than if you could find a way to get a bit more time on the bike.

Nailing every workout is going to be important in getting back towards the former power numbers

If you are simultaneously aiming to get back towards the former weight numbers as well, then discipline there will be important too

Overall, enjoy the process and relish getting back to pedalling.

Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

I think it sounds like you’re on the right track here with a Low Volume plan given the time you have available to train at the moment.

See how this volume feels for you for a bit, and stick with it! Consistency will be key in gaining your fitness back after being away from training for a couple of years.

I definitely think getting back to where you were is doable. It will help that you have some training history already! Some of that fitness tends to come back quickly once we get back into the swing of things. :muscle:

Glad to hear the motivation is high. Stick to your plan as much as you can, and over time, you’ll start to see those gains you’re looking for. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

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