Syncing with Wahoo

We all love the trainerroad platform and the great premade workouts and the training plans! I had been trying to mimic trainerroad workouts with the free version of training peaks so I could get structured workouts while im on the road or if I take my trainer somewhere to workout when I’m not in front of a computer. When do you plan on integrating with Wahoo’s Planned workouts so we can get your great workouts and training-plans no matter where we are? And to be frank, Although you’ve built a great platform for the workouts, it’s really the workouts we want…

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They have mobile solutions for iOS and Android that lets you run the workouts on your mobile device. They have stated they have tried running their workouts on head units and weren’t happy with the experience, so they weren’t going to push forward on that.


Just use your phone?



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Yep! Either buy a Quadlock to mount your phone on your stem in place of your Wahoo or just keep it in your pocket and reference it when needed between intervals.

When doing TR workouts outdoors, I just plan a route that will allow me to closely mimic the intended TSS, IF, and general structure. If its’ 3x20 mins of sweetspot, go find a hill that’s long enough and repeat it 3x. If it’s VO2max intervals, find a short steep hill or a stretch of empty flat road and do the same. If it’s more complex than that, I do it inside :wink:.


Interesting. Not sure why they cant just integrate like trainingpeaks and todays plan

The fact that they are direct competitors is one thought. Setting up a connection of that type seems at least partly counterintuitive.

Another mentioned by some TR reps is the restriction of API access to TP.

And today’s plan?

I always use my Android phone on a stages indoorcycle at the gym and when I visit my parents (they have a tscx neo)

I understand with TrainingPeaks but just go direct sync to wahoo. I’m sure they will do it soon enough to address the drop off of membership in the summer months. I’m a new user but seems they have made a lot of progress in the past 12 months.