Requesting a TR cycling computer app

Hey TR crew love TR it’s helped a ton. Any chance there a TR app that will run on IOS outside? I liked strava as a cycling computer head unit but we all know they stopped using blue tooth sensors. I can’t seem to find an app that’s decent. Any one have suggestions. What I really want is a Tr cycling app that works outside and is seem less with my TR inside rides. I know you can push outside rides to garments or wahoo. But man I’d rather just launch my app on my phone. Seems like a logical extension of outside workouts. I’d even be willing to pay a bit for it. Come on Nate make it happen. Anyone else with me in this?

Have you tried TR ?


Not sure I understand your request correctly but there is already an iOS and android application available.

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I’d never thought about it before but I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from using your iOS or Android device TR app on your bike outside as long as you have something that measures power.

It won’t track it as an outdoor workout (no GPS or speed data) but you would see the same power targets as an inside ride.

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I’m assuming he wants it to trackGPS data like the Strava app. In which case I don’t think that’s in the development plan. But who knows!


Ya I have used TR for years. The current app does work outside for doing workouts. But some times I just wanna to ride and record the ride, tss, time, distance, speed. On unstructured workouts.

Just fire up the tr app on your phone. Nothing stopping you.

And then use either a Garmin watch, computer, to track gps.

I am pretty sure the Wahoo Fitness app, which is free, will do what you want.

Awesome I’ll check it out thanks

If you don’t find the Wahoo app to meet your needs there is also one called Cyclemeter which I have heard good things about but I don’t think it’s free.

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