Feature Request-send any workout to Wahoo/Garmin

To be able to send any workout or scheduled workout to devices like Garmin/Wahoo in the same way that you do when the workout is set as an outdoor workout.

The reason being is because I would like to do this workout ‘indoors’ on another training app eg Fulgas/Zwift but without the extra time added into the workout as it is for outdoor workouts.

I have discovered that this is potentially a great and fun way to train whilst using a self-selected course on a different app and still using TR training programmes but not having to use ERG (which is a problem on the new Wattbike Atom) or messing with multiple phones/tablets as the Garmins/Wahoo have good Ant+ connections.

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Thanks for the input, Tom! That could get really tricky with the need then for two versions of every workout to be written and pushed to head units. That said, I dont know that the team would allocate resources to this feature unless it turns out there’s a super high demand for it. Nonetheless, I’ll pass this along to the team! :v:

Well the original workout already exists, so I’m suggesting that maybe just an option to tick a box if you want to send it to the unit. I appreciate there may not be a huge demand for it yet but looking at the future I think this could be a great way to add some freshness to indoor training and allowing TR to play nice be useable/compliment with other training apps which we cannot deny are taking off and many users use at 2 training apps I imagine. Thanks for replying.

I wish it were only that easy for our developers. :pensive: We hear you though! Thanks for the suggestion and we’ll keep it in mind should we get more requests for it!

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