Help Finding Right Training Plan

I had a very successful first year using TR for three 70.3 race but 2019 is different. I have a 70.3 race early April, a “B” 70.3 in early May and a full A race late July. I’ve kept a decent base from 2018 season which, for me, ended in late September and now I’m trying to start back on TR base to get ready for 2019. I’ll also be starting my swim and run training next week.

Here’s the dilemma. Do I start on the full triathlon base plan to build a huge base and then do the half triathlon build into my first race or is doing the full base to much at this time? Should I start with the half distance triathlon base, then the half distance build to my first race and then the full build after my first 70.3? Or should I jump into Sweet Spot base considering I already have my swim and run workouts covered by other plans?

I’m confused on my best approach and am concerned that if I go with Sweet Spot Base that because it’s not specifically designed to integrate with swim and run training stress that I’ll find myself in an overtrained state very quickly.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Surprised you haven’t received a reply yet! Sorry, I can’t help AT ALL. But hope someone shines a light on this ASAP. :+1:t3:

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The Traditional Base plans can easily incorporate swim and run training allowing you to focus on any or all three activities