Getting started for the first time

Hey there

Im new to power based indoor training but want to start this fall with trainerroad.
This year i head my first “real” season with 5000+km and 60 000+hm and some races.

Plan/Focus for next year are two races with 150k/2500hm each.

Is the sweetspot base (2x6 weeks) the way to go?
On top i would like to add a week of cycling in mallorca and a base plane (Sustained Power?).

Is this the right approach for the new season or should i change something?

Thanks a lot!

Sweet Spot Base is the right option for most riders. Common recommendation is to start with Low Volume plans, especially if you are new to structured indoor training.

Sustained Power is good if you want solid and steady power. The General Build us a nice blend that is good for group rides with some fast paced efforts.

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A short reference on Volume.

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TR – it is better to start with the lower volume plan and increase the volume if you are feeling under-challenged.

Exactly what I did when starting with TR. Sweet Spot base low volume (3 days/week, 3.5hrs/week) then added a long weekend endurance ride and sometimes an extra mid-week ride. I also knew I would be doing strength training at the same time and no way I could do a high volume plan at the same time. Also better for morale/psychologically to add workouts than having to admit defeat and start chopping sessions.

Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks a lot for the helpful informations!

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