Crit Season in February: Train Base now or work on VO2/Build?

I think I have a reasonable base built up right now, but I’m debating doing a Sweet Spot Base plan for the next couple of months VS doing a Short Power Build plan.
My goal is to be as prepared as possible for criterium season which starts in February (~4 months from now).

Is it a bad idea to think I can build V02 power for that long? Instead should I do a high volume sweet spot base plan for 8 weeks, then 8 weeks of building?


In almost all cases, we recommend starting with Sweet Spot Base to build yourself an extremely solid foundation upon which to build your season. However, if you have been doing regular and structured base leading up to today, then you can skip the Base phase if you wish. You could also choose to skip the just skip SSB I and start with SSB II.

That being said, starting with Base will have you completing Specialty in July which is perfect for most racer’s seasons.

If you’ve experience racing, and assuming if it’s a series of crits it’ll be 8-12 weeks long, I’d go with SS Base then Short Power Build to take you up to the start of it. Then you could do the speciality phase leading you in to the season, with your weekly races becoming one of your workouts.

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Exactly what I’m doing right now. Think it’s the best option.