AI FTP, plan change and PL breaking me!

After a reasonably succesful few months training, SSB LV 1+2, Sustainable power build I’ve now switched to a sprint tri plan through plan builder. This has given me a 3 week build before the 8 specificity block leading up to my A race.

The AI FTP at the beginning of the block resulted in a 3w increase to 264w.

But, the PL’s of the rides have increased. My V02max is 5.6 but i’m being prescribed 6.8 or 7.0’s. I failed at a 6.8 last week, decreased the intensity by 10% and grovelled it out, and got a 7.0 this week. While i lasted longer this time, i had to drop the intensity by 10% again!

The threshold and sweetspot workouts are similar.

Is there somethibgnim missing, or is it intended given the shorter nature of the build block, 3 instead of 4 weeks. I’m feeding back that intensity is the reason for me failing the workouts.


Contact support. In some way or another this is a bug or a limitation in AT that they can help you resolve.

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That’s a bug. You should see the struggle survey and PLs should decrease. @ZackeryWeimer Would be nice to know what’s going wrong here.

Hey there! Sorry for the trouble – it looks like your plan got “stuck” and wasn’t adapting properly. I gave it a refresh, and things should be back to the way they should for the end of your current block.

For the time being, your Specialty workouts may look a bit high, but adaptations are only applied to your current block. Once you start your Specialty phase, those workouts should adapt to your current Progression Levels as well.

Please feel free to ping me again or reach out to TR Support if you need a hand with anything else!


Thanks @Torneng and @Rizzi for highlighting the issue - hadn’t spotted the thread when I looked this morning.

Relieved that it’s a bug and not me, I was seriously starting to question my ability to tough out the workouts :expressionless:

@ZackeryWeimer Thanks again for the prompt support - I can see the changes have been made - looks challenging but not as intimidating as it did!

Thanks again all!


@Jdr0berts your recovery week from the 13th to the 19th your TSS was 363 out of a scheduled 155. So, not enough recovery.

Previous to that week you successfully completed a 6.1 VO2max workout (Mindego). The week after your recovery week you struggled with a 6.8 VO2max workout and answered that it was too intense. AT didn’t adapt your training plan…and served you a 7.0 VO2max workout the very next week.

I agree, that sounds screwy. I would have clicked that ‘Alternates’ button and found a 6.3 or 6.5 VO2max workout.

I always say: your hand is on the tiller. You are the captain of your training voyage. Your intuition was telling you Hurd -2 was too much & I agree with your intuition. Click the Alternates button. You don’t have to wait on Adaptive Training to catch on…you can do it on your own.

Still, lots of good work during Hurd -2. But I just wonder, would adaptation be materially different if you had done Dade -1 instead? Probably not. And you’d feel a lot better about it.


Hi @Brennus ,

Thanks and you’re spot on with Dade-1 as a suggestion, it would have helped that I knew I could do it too having done so numerous times in the past (including at an ftp of 270). As it was, I did check alternates and saw Dade-1, given the above, it would have been a good choice, can’t explain why I didn’t pick it (didn’t see “My rides” on the app).

And as you say, I’d feel a lot better about it!

Instead of checking the workout first thing in the morning, I need to prep the night before when I can do it online rather than a phone!


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