Can't finish workouts after new FTP is set

Looks like this is a common issue - after my last test my FTP allegedly increased.
When I set the new FTP, my workouts became increasingly harder and I think my FTp is set incorrectly - for example with over/under workouts my HR goes to the max after the first two intervals or so and as a result I can’t finish the workout.
It’s possible that this today’s one was too hard because the previous workouts were harder than expected/planned - I did vo2max intervals at higher power than prescribed and I guess that had a knock on effect too?
I had over a week holiday, which I was hoping would lead to less fatigue but perhaps that contributed to me being unable to sustain the new load?

After how long would you ‘give up’ and retest/adjust difficulty?
Ideally, I’d love to persevere a few more days with a view that somehow, magically I finally get accustomed to the new workouts, but perhaps that is wishful thinking?

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If You had a week off holiday. Blood plasma volume drops. It does recover quickly if you train back at the level you were. Hence work outs were and felt hard.

Drop back a bit of sweet spot stuff 1 week. I have just Pushed out my plan by one week copied in a second week of base. I … Did a 210km ride and cooked my legs so doing a bit of recovery sweetspot to recover.

TR experiments work for you. Use the New FTP to work out at sweetspot. Not Over and unders till Blood plasma levels recover… Takes a week approximately…

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Lots of info and “support group” here :wink:

In my opinoion, you can use two method to match you new sFTP.

First, adjust your training zone slightly lower than you do before. For example, if you work for Vo2max in 110% FTP, you can adjust to about 107%.

Second, you can lengthen rest time between intervals.

Try it!

How can i lengthen the rest intervals during a workout?

There are usually workout Variants if you choose a - version this usually gives longer recovery period

Thanks - lots of sound advice, as always.
The upcoming (Tuesday) training is vo2max - something I’ve already completeded once so mentally I feel good about it - we’ll see if the body adapts to the new regime and as soon as it does, I guess time to think about changing it again!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I understand it correctly, VO2Max workouts aren’t a good indication of whether your FTP is accurate, typically (it’s been discussed here).

Threshold trainings are more accurate to see whether your FTP is accurate. Either over unders or just intervals with 105-110% FTP.

Correct. If I understand correctly he Did have the problem with o/u.

Drop back a few %, get back into it, specifically for VO2max, adjust down a few %, especiall if you’ve made big gains.

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it’s true. And if that’s the case, then my vo2max workouts are proportionally harder too, so I’m even more fatigued when the day comes to do threshold workouts.
I guess it goes back to the question if my FTP actually increased or is ramp test not a good gauge in my case…

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