FTP Increase and Adaptation Confusion

I think I had an adaptation anomaly this week and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I just completed SSBLV1 and on Monday performed a ramp test as the first workout within SSBLV2. My FTP went up 6.5% and resulted in the following PL changes:

Endurance 4.6 → 2.4
Tempo 3.9 → 2.2
Sweet Spot 4.7 → 2.2
Threshold 5.2 → 2
VO2 Max 1.1 → 1
Anaerobic 1.1 → 1
Sprint 1 → 1

I didn’t receive any workout adaptations after the ramp test. The next workout (Wednesday) on my schedule was Truchas -1, which is Sweet Spot 5.9 and showed as a breakthrough workout. I would have expected AT to have adapted my workouts to be closer to my new PL levels, but my calendar is still showing Tempo, Sweet Spot, and Threshold workouts that are based upon my pre-Ramp Test PL’s.

I contacted support and was given the suggestion to switch Wednesday’s workout to Monitor -1 (Sweet Spot 2.7) and see if AT adapts accordingly. Not knowing how AT would handle a non-alternate workout substitution I went ahead and tried, and finished, Truchas -1 and rated it hard. Still no adaptations, but my Sweet Spot PL increased to 5.9 and my Tempo PL increased to 4.

My confusion is around my thinking that AT should have adapted my workouts to be closer to my new PL’s. Is my line of thinking correct or is this the correct response from AT? Anyone else experience this?

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Same here.
FTP went up and all progression levels went down to 1 - 1.5. Don`t really understand how it works.

I expected my PL’s to go down based on what I’ve read in the forum and I kind of get that. But I also expected the levels of the assigned workouts to go down as well. Why not a 2.9 sweet spot instead of 5.9?


TR are aware of an issue that they are trying to resolve… I too noticed all my PL’s eventually went to 1.0 yesterday (Wednesday) after I completed a workout.

Try closing your app then reopening it, that might trigger the adaptations.

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I did try that but nothing changed. Tomorrow’s workout is Warlow +2 sweet spot 5.5. I would expect sweet spot workouts to be in the mid-2’s after my last ramp test, as well as temp and threshold.

Not sure if the best course of action is to continue the workouts as scheduled or choose non-alternate workouts that match my PL’s and hope AT comes back in line.

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You should send a message to support they are very quick with their replies and they can probably fix it for you.

I contacted them yesterday before doing the workout. They suggested substituting a different workout with a sweet spot closer to my PL. they didn’t have an answer for what I was seeing and the substitution was their only suggestion.

I chose to stick to the scheduled workout, rate it as hard, and see what AT would do. There were no adaptations.

Congrats on the 6%+ increase.

Your old sweetspot workouts are now tempo, old threshold are now sweetspot, etc… Makes sense to me to reset progression level when there is that amount of FTP improvement. It will give you some time to adjust to the new sensations.

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PL reductions are in line with what has happened to me so far. Support reply quickly but their suggestions for a couple of problems I’ve had weren’t the best.
Are you on a plan? My last ramp test was last Monday where FTP went up 11 watts. Progression levels dropped but workouts on my plan for the start of this weeks SSBLV2 block remained at pre ramp test PL levels. However, If I opened a new tab and just selected a generic training plan, in this case SSBLV2, then workouts were different to my individual plan SSBLV2 and matched my new post ramp test PL’s. After 24-36 hrs and several page reloads my individual plan SSBLV2 workouts updated to match my PL’s. Had they not I was going to swap my individual plan workouts to match the (correct) generic plan workouts.
Hopefully this makes sense!!

Thanks. I don’t disagree about the PL adjustments. I just expected with my sweet spot PL adjusting down to 2.2 that AT wouldn’t have kept me at a sweet spot level 5.9 workout yesterday.

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I had the same issue. Support did something and it changed to a more equivelent workout but the future weeks still stayed at the elevated PLs. Support suggeted doing a workout at the correct PL and it should adapt, unfortunately I then got ill a week ago and haven’t been able to test it yet.

That makes sense. You experienced the same as I did and chose different workouts at the correct PL. that’s what support suggested, too. I’ll try that on Friday’s workout.

That’s what they were telling me, too. I didn’t go with their suggestion but I’ll probably try it on my next workout, although my sweet spot PL is now at 5.9 because of Truchas -1. I’ll just pick a lower PL and see what happens.

What ended up happening in your next phase? Did AT scale things back? Or you were able to complete the pre-ramp workouts without issue?

I just did a ramp test and it adjusted my levels down but the pre ramp workouts didn’t change for base 2 (same thing you were experiencing)

I’m still in SSBLV2, but I’ve been selecting sweet spot workout alternatives that have been closer to my post-ramp test PL - gradually increasing the workout levels as I go. AT never did adjust my sweet spot workout levels down. Support was able to adjust my calendar so that my other workouts were correct. They said the issue was caused by my planned time off that I specified when creating my plan within plan builder. It was a software bug.

I have a build phase starting in two weeks. I expect that it will all work properly following that ramp test.