New Dock Pro bed cooling from Chilipad / Ooler creators

I ordered the Eight Sleep Pod 3 today. Will report back here.


I have had a ‘We’ Ooler for almost three years. Still on the original units. No replacements. Working fine.

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Let me know as well. Might get one potentially during black Friday

The dock pro was supposed to have an attachment that would do sleep tracking that would have come out this past May (I think) but seems to have been delayed and haven’t heard anything new. Was announced as ces

The sleep tracker part is out:

Subscription based :slightly_frowning_face:

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damn subscriptions for hardware i have to buy annoys me.


Especially the less clear pricing by listing monthly when you don’t pay monthly. Pay: now $240 for 2 years or $180 for 1 year. Or pay $20 monthly which you are required to do for 1 year so paying $240 over the course of a year

Though seems more clear than 8 sleep with a price is very hard to find. Seems to be $19/mo but sometimes $15/mo billed yearly:

I’ve been using the Dock Pro for about 14 days, give or take. I am sleeping really well! I live in a hot/humid climate so being able to cool down for sleep is my #1 priority. I don’t care about sleep tracking since my Garmin watch gives me plenty of pretend data, as long as I can turn it on/off, and has some basic schedule programming. I’ve settled starting around 72F, bumping to 74 during sleep, and then off about 30 minutes before I plan to wake up.

The wifi setup was weird and seemed to work better on an iPhone, but once we got them linked to our Android phones, it’s been fine ever since. I have had to refill water a couple times, but it doesn’t seem to be super thirsty.

I will keeping this and I hope it continues to work well.

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Reading through here has me wondering if we (“we” king for wife and I) should have spent the $$ for the Dock Pro. We are a couple of weeks into using the Ooler and we both enjoy it! We have it set so the comfort side is up as I found the cooler side not the most comfortable.

On the fence about sending it back and upgrading to the dock pro…

I don’t care about the sleep tracking part either but more its ability to adjust the temp automatically through the night. Do wish they showed how much the temp changes automatically

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I have been using and 8 Sleep cover for ~4 months now. It’s great, really made for much more comfortable sleep in the summer months. Whether or not it is worth the expense will really depend on how long it lasts, but so far I’m happy.

However, I think the sleep tracking feature that everyone is wanting is overrated. When my first year subscription ends, I think I will just forgo the sub and manually control temp, and here is why…

The unit has no idea what sleep stage I am in. I usually lay in bed and read for 30-60 mins or so before turning out the lights. 8 Sleep thinks I am asleep like 4 minutes after getting into bed… despite the fact that I am awake and reading for much longer than that, and it never detects times that I wake up during the night. Once it says I am asleep, it thinks I’m asleep until I get out of bed. Given that, I have no faith in this device knowing whether I am in deep or REM sleep phases.

And, surprise, surprise, my REM/deep sleep temperatures only vary by 1 degree. Basically what you would expect if it had no idea what was going on.


Finally ordered the dock pro (Hello25 for 25% off) Probably would have gone with an 8 sleep but my current bed is a twin due to size limitations. No discount for the sleep tracking part so will see if I like the base unit first (Assuming you don’t call paying paying for 2 years instead of 1 a discount as that seems to be the regular price)

So with 8’sleep you need to pay for the sub or that is optional?

It’s optional.

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This for me too. I have never found sleep tracking to be accurate enough to ever be useful, but I do find it hard to dial in the exact temperature I want to be in each night due to changing environmental conditions. If the he automatic temperature control could meaningfully improve that then it would be worth it to me, but I’m really skeptical. Am I restless because I’m too hot or too cold? Without my core temp it seems like it could only use me as the guinea pig to adjust temp one way or the other and see how I respond to train the AI model (assuming one actually exists instead of it all being marketing gimmick). That could eventually be powerful, but it could also make it so you get less sleep while it’s learning.

I wouldn’t say less sleep while it learns as probably won’t adjust that far from where you are. If you need it cooler, raising the temp by a small amount shouldn’t hurt you much from where you are now, lowering it by a small amount should improve your sleep even if it needs to be lower still to improve it to the best it can be.

There is the other advantage of the sensor in that it can tell when you get in bed and when you leave so if you don’t have a perfect schedule it won’t waste energy when you aren’t in it.
(I don’t see why this all needs a subscription and be done in the cloud but don’t really have a choice)

Has anyone successfully ordered eightsleep to a country, where they don‘t officially deliver (in my case it would be Austria)?