Weighted blanket recommendations & Ooler

Can anybody recommend a weighted blanket that won’t heat you too much?

I’ve been curious for years but always held off becauses I sleep hot. Recently I listened to a podcast where @Nate_Pearson specifically mentioned that his did not make him overheat and this has piqued my interest again. Cooling is key.

I’ve had an Ooler for a year now so feel like I could probably cope with the blanket.

I’m using two of these with my Ooler.

ZonLi Premium Weighted Blanket… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075W9CL88?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

40 lbs! :smiley:

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Thanks, and great to know that even TWO of them don’t make you feel hot :+1:. I wonder if it’s because the glass beads conduct heat better than cotton.

I had the ooler weighted blanket and that thing was SO hot. The unit died and it just became a blanket and I couldn’t take it even with the ooler.

We keep our room pretty cool, and I have my ooler set to 87 with the two blankets and I’m golden.

Interesting that Ooler’s weighted blanket felt hot to you even with the unit :open_mouth:.

87F for me would be very high but it is not simple to compare because I’ve learnt that this device is hugely dependent on ambient temperatures. Do you have it set to a fixed 87F throughout the night?

When I got the device, I set up fancy schedules to start LO and then ramp up continuously. The graph looked nice. I slept scrunched in a ball not daring to move as it was so cold (I saw 49C on the device). I’ve since realised that too cold is not ideal, just as too hot is terrible, and now I have it super cold for when I fall asleep (the colder the better), but that this is bad after a few hours, at which point just below ambient works well. And the less temperature changes the better - because then you can adjust on the fly, and the change will hold for a good amount of time until the next scheduled change.

I’ve always felt like if the Ooler could react to your body temperature, rather than go through fixed presets influenced by ambient temps, that could be a game changer. But credit to the device for changing my sleep, it has been life changing.

I have ordered two different weighted blankets, will drop a review in here at some point.

(Googles Ooler) o_O

(a) Nate’s bedroom has more technology than NASA Mission Control.

(b) Nate’s superpower may be eating, but he’s trying to make it sleeping. :rofl:

I haven’t talked about my altitude setup yet. It’s either direct into my cpap or it will be a tent. Still figuring it out.

For those with an Ooler, obviously you like them but do you feel as though they were worth the cost? I’m interested in trying one, but haven’t decided whether or not to pull the trigger.

I do aboslutely.

Yesterday I was talking to my sister how i would have an off day every few weeks at work where I felt stressed, hot and not as cool as I usually am. Had one of those days for the first time this week - it was a reminder of how far I have come, and how good the Ooler is for me. It was the first bad night in the 11 months I’ve had the device.

I sleep really really hot though, which I can improve by eating less, less close to bed time, and exercising less. But a lot of the time, none of those things are desirable.

During summer heatwaves (27-31c here in the UK), I sometimes think it is not effective when you need it the most. But it only takes laying in bed for a short while without it turned on for me to realise that it is. Gone are the days I would wake up during the night to toss and turn and find a cooler patch. It’s expensive, but worth it, for me.

PS - During intermittent fasting last year, I started to sleep way less hot than I had done my entire life, sometimes even feeling cool which was a new experience for me.

If you constantly wake up from being hot/cold or can’t go to bed because you’re too hot/cold, then yes!

Just make sure you clean it and buy their cleaning solution. We didn’t do that and ruined a ooler pad that was expensive to replace.

I would probably be cheaper to move to Denver. :joy: :man_shrugging:

That’s how I feel about mine! I wish it would get cooler, and sometimes I wonder if it’s doing anything. But if it’s not on I’d burn up under my weighted blanket. It’s kind of subtle until it’s not there.

They have a cleaning solution? :astonished:

UPDATE: Just ordered a couple packs. Thanks for mentioning that!

I recently watched the podcast video from earlier this year (2020) when you were talking about a mini-altitude tent for your cpap. Wondered if that heavily disclaimered idea had come about yet.

If you don’t clean it, it starts to not work :cry:

It’s probably happening tonight!!

Nate, what were the symptoms when you ruined a pad? Wife has an Ooler as well and she feels like the center of the pad where her core contacts the pad is not cooling as well as it used to.

Thank You,

Yup, that’s what happened to me. Only part worked. It gets bacteria growth and all yucky.

I read online that people fixed this by putting a little bit of bleach in their unit.

Of course, that probably voids the warranty so watch out. I’ve put bleach in mine before and I didn’t have any issues.