Bed temperature during Winter

Hey all

I got the Ooler DockPro this summer and it was a lifesaver in terms of sleep quality, I kept the bed temperature between 70F and 73F during the night.

Now that it’s winter where I’m at, I’ve had to crank the bed temp up to 83F otherwise I’d find myself shivering at night. Does anyone else here have a similar device, what temperature do you set your bed at during the winter?

Hah - good to know I am not the only one!! We are also using the DockPro and setting it to 82F when I get into bed and only down to 80F after a few hours. Any colder than 80F during the night and I wake up freezing. I had it between 69F and 72F during the fall when it was still somewhat warm.

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83 deg F is 28.3 deg C according to google :open_mouth:

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I had an ooler for two years and upgraded to the dockpro around three months ago.

The answer to your question is deeply personal - everyone I know (n=6) with one of these devices uses different settings. However, the one universal, is that they all use a different ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ program. Temperature settings range from ‘minimum’ on the ooler (less powerful than the dockpro - so actual achieved temp might be in the low 60’s) to high 70’s or low 80’s.

In my circle only two of us have the dockpro and we’ve found we run, on average, around 10 degrees higher on the dockpro than we did on the ooler. Due to more power, different temperature measurements, or something else - we don’t know.

For winter - I recommend starting warm, like you would with an electric blanket. Then once you’re in bed lower to your overnight temp. In winter - for me, on the dockpro, in a room with an overnight temp of 60 (yes, we let the heat go pretty low) the sweet spot is 70 or 71 degrees.

For summer - I don’t start warm, just going with a constant temp - usually around 67 degrees with an overnight room temp in the low to mid 70’s

But…it changes. If I did a huge workout - 4,000+ kj I lower the temp by 2 degrees as my body runs much hotter on those nights. If I do a normal workout 1,500-3,000 kj I use the temps above. If I take the day off or do a light workout (<1,500 kj) I increase the temp by 1-2 degrees as my body runs cooler on those nights


That tracks with what we found going from Ooler to DockPro. Granted we only used the Ooler for 45 days or so until we exchanged and “upgraded” to the DockPro, but it was a bit of a shock to see how different they are from each other in temps.

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Thanks for the replies!

I normally like a very cool bed to sleep in, even during the winter. But I found that with the DockPro, I’d fall asleep comfortably but wake up an hour later feeling like I was sleeping on an ice pack.

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