New Dock Pro bed cooling from Chilipad / Ooler creators

Hey all,
I know some of you are using the Chilipad or the newer Ooler to regulate your sleep temps.

Interestingly, Chilisleep have come out with a new system called Dock Pro, which claims double the cooling power, not being effected by ambient temperatures (a big weakness of the earlier tech), tubeless pad, wifi,

Thought you’d be interested. I’m still doing well with my Ooler, I absolutely love the thing, its been life changing.

There are probably only 1-2 months of the year when ambient temps are high enough to prevent the Ooler being effective for me here in the UK, so the better cooling isn’t worth spending the cash to replace, but for some of you it may be a game changer.

The removal of tubing looks very interesting. Please post experiences if you purchase :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Also interested to see how this goes for folks. I’ve got the ChiliCube, and can’t sleep without it these days. The new pad design looks like it could be a good improvement.

I want one of these after getting a very positive recommendation from my brother in law on the original Ooler. But I first have to convince my wife its she who wants the cooler so I can still get my new wheels for 2022 :wink:


Interesting for sure and will check it out. I sleep fine and get a good 9 hours nightly but anything that helps even more is always a good thing. Stopping drinking 4 years ago has helped immensely, no caffeine after 2pm and no ice cream before bed.

I upgraded to the Dock Pro after previously sleeping on the Ooler. Loved the Ooler but the difference in the two systems is BIG. Dock Pro does in fact get colder MUCH MUCH faster, and gets WAY colder than the Ooler in general, and stays cold. The water circulates virtually through the entire pad, whereas the Ooler had tubes running through it (spread apart by several inches). For some people it seems the tubes were bothersome, although they never bothered me. In any case, the upgraded tubeless design is much more efficient. Additionally, It’s super quiet (for people who don’t like white noise), the app is great, and aesthetically much more appealing. 100% worth the additional money to upgrade from Ooler to Dock Pro IMO. I’m a pretty simple person so I don’t require much, but this is a life changer given how sleep impacts virtually everything in your life. Let me know if you have any more questions!


I upgraded from the Ooler to the Dock Pro too and pretty much ditto all of that! I don’t think it’s that much quieter, but the cooling puts the Ooler to shame. I always had the Ooler on low and it usually read in the high 60s and I almost always wished it would get cooler. The Ooler would definitely not make up for a warm room. Still I loved the Ooler so much I had a warranty return # at one point for noise and never sent it in b/c I didn’t want to be without it.

So…the first time I hooked up the Dock Pro I also set it on low, like my Ooler. Came back a while later and it was reading 40 degrees F. WTF, is it broken? No, the bed felt like inside of a refrigerator. I sometimes run the Dock Pro at 80 b/c i get too cold with it on 70. But if I feel hot I just turn it down and it goes where you put it.

The pad without tubes is nice, although the tubes didn’t bother me either. The app is way better and the unit uses Wifi so you can manage it from farther away. Schedules actually work (so far, knock on wood). The Dock Pro is quite a bit larger than the Ooler (pics below).

I’ve seen The Ready State (Kelly Starett) post coupons. Check their socials.

EDIT: The tubes also come off the pad so should much less of a bodge to stick in the washing machine.



This is so freaking timely that it’s scary. Wife and I both have the Ooler and they’re great but for her birthday I’m upgrading her to the new Dock Pro. Really appreciate the positive feedback before dropping that grip of cash. So “Cool”. Pun intended!



Thanks for the reviews, that is what I desperately wanted to hear, laying here in bed at midnight on UK’s warmest day off the year so far (22c :sob::baby:), having done hill repeats in the evening, and burning up now.

I love that the thing gets so cold, and that there’s no 4-5 inch gaps between the tubing.

Just got to somehow justify the purchase :thinking:


Ha! Yeah I understand, it’s expensive but worth it IMO. Turn it on before you do your hill repeats, when you get back and lay down on it you’ll feel like you’re laying down in an ice bath. It’s that cold, no joke. Well maybe I’m exaggerating a little lol but you get the point

As if by fate, i’ve stumbled across this topic whilst laying hot in bed.

They have a juicy market to capitalise on now that every man, wife and dog is buying memory foam mattresses. Personally I over heat on my memory foam mattress and will be switching back to sprung in the next sales.

This however, would allow me to workout before bed and not worry about sweating through till sunrise with poor sleep.

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Did anyone have issues connecting to WiFi? Tried a few times, turned phone on/off, reset the dock pro. Still getting a can’t connect. Also sure that it’s my 2.4 wireless connection. May try disabling the 5G tomorrow just in case it’s somehow interfering. Let me know if you had issues and how you solved.

Thx, Ron

Rats, you guys may cost me a lot of money. My SO is constantly overheating and I usually do my workouts shortly before bedtime, this would be a godsend. Definitely going to strongly consider purchasing one these now.

So far been flawless. Knock on wood… FWIW, using Netgear Orbi Wifi 6.

So what temps inside your house normally? I live in Atlanta and gets hot of course but not sure what to expect if you keep your place at 78f as example and use ceiling fan in the summer. I sleep fine fyi but in the winter usually do 60 at night.

Nashville here. I set the heat to 68 at night in the winter, and the Ooler did well. I defaulted to 73 in the summer, and sometimes had to turn the A/C down when Ooler didn’t seem to be helping much. It’s still early to tell, but I don’t think the Dock Pro is going to have any problems at 73. Geez, it might be ok at 80.

Thanks. More interested in summer as I am fine sleeping at 60 in the winter as I set my heat there. So if I pit my a. At 78-82f at night would I expect for it to get down to what? 70? Just wondering and not completely sold as I sleep fine currently a d $2K is a lot of summer ac.

I’d think it’d get lower than 70 with the room at 78-82, but haven’t tried it. But even 70 is very noticeable w/ Dock Pro to me. Since the system just came out, and it just started getting warm here, I can only speculate how it’ll do in the summer. Ask me in a couple months? In my experience, Ooler would have been useless in an 80 room, but Dock Pro seems like it’d be able to deal w/ it. :man_shrugging:

if you decided to try it, Chili has a 30 day return policy (IIRC). Looks like coupon TRS10 works w/ Dock Pro. TRS30 might work for older systems.

Thanks and might wait for a decent sale or until I get back from my parents for summer break. Appreciate the response.

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This sounds promising for a Texas resident. During the hottest part of the summer I keep the temp at 74/75F at night. Trying to balance huge electric bill and being comfortable. If this works to get the bed temp around 65F at night that would be amazing.

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anyone know how these compare to the Eight Sleep pad?