Bed Cooling Systems

Hi all,

to maintain mid to high volume bike and run training I am looking for ways to improve the quality of my sleep. Our general set up is good, but one thing that is still lacking is temperature control. When temps rise above the low 20s °C my sleep quality deteriorates and my training and mood suffers for it. A/C is not an option because we’re German and don’t believe in air conditioning, but also because my wife likes it warm and cuddly while I sleep best in a cool environment.

I’ve been looking into active bed cooling systems and their sales pitch sound great. However, I find it hard to figure out how much truth there is to their marketing claims and I can’t figure out, how to weigh the difference between air- and water cooled systems.

So if anyone is using an active bed cooling system, would you care to share your experience?

  • Which system are you using?
  • Is it working?
  • Why did you choose the system you have?
  • For air-cooled systems like BedJet: Are you using their sheets as well? If not, how well does it work under a normal duvet?
  • What is the noise level of your system?
  • How much time do spend maintaining / cleaning the system?


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I’ve been using an Eight Sleep for three years now, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My sleep quality has measurably improved – I have more total sleep time and more deep sleep according to my Oura data, and I’m much more comfortable now that my partner and I both get to sleep at our ideal temperature. Noise level is minimal, I usually can’t hear anything at all. For maintenance I just have to add more water to the tank twice a year or so, but I get a reminder in the app when that’s needed so I don’t have to think about it.

I bought mine before they introduced the monthly subscription, so I’m not paying for that. I think the extra $15 USD a month would be annoying and make me love it a little less, but the autopilot feature that dynamically adjusts the temp based on room temp, body temp, heart rate, etc is pretty magical. I don’t really use any of the other subscription features like the data tracking since I already use an Oura ring for that.


I use the Dock Pro. It will get so cold it will freeze you out, even in Texas heat. That is how good it works. Highly recommended.

Eight Sleep.

I’ve owned the Dock Pro as well, but like the Eight Sleep much more. The Dock Pro has more cooling power than the Eight Sleep gen 2 or 3, but that’s probably due to the fact that each Dock Pro unit only cools one side of a king size bed. The eight sleep has a much better build quality, is quieter, has a better app, and a more comfortable pad.

I have 2x Dock Pro. When they work, they cool very well as mentioned. The company has has quality issues, gone bankrupt and been purchased. I had one replaced under warranty a few months ago (totally dead would not power up) which took 5 weeks and the replacement is refurbished and slightly louder, but it works.

If I did it again I think I would go 8 Sleep mainly due to the quality and bankruptcy issue with sleepme.


Didn’t @Nate_Pearson go down this rabbit hole a few years ago?

Been using the Dock Pro for almost 2 years. Had to have one replaced through warranty - but works great and would recommend.

I’ve had a Dock Pro for 2 years and have been pretty happy. Had to replace one unit early on. They’ll leak, but you can fix it easily. I’ve had to do this to the two units I have now and haven’t had any issues since. My wife and I definitely sleep way better with the pad. We also have different preferred temperatures, so being able to set each half of the bed to what we want is a great asset.

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I run hot and have looked at dock pro/chilipads/oolers for many years. I thought about the 8 sleep too, but am fed up with subscriptions and refuse to buy them for that reason. The Dock Pro Chilipad (formerly Ooler, formerly Chilipad) branding and company changes the last few years have scared me away as I wasn’t sure if the company was going to survive. Looks like maybe the company has stabilized?

Had an ooler for several years. Had two warranty replacements that went easily and quickly. Liked the product so much I gifted two of them to family members

Upgraded to a dock pro two years ago, it’s a much more powerful unit, can freeze me out of bed whereas the ooler I ran at minimum temperature

Had an issue with the dock pro nine months ago and their help desk was able to troubleshoot and resolve it without and replacements necessary

Can’t speak for the current state of their company and support but historically have had good interactions with them and would recommend to anyone who sleeps hot

I’m somewhat fascinated by this. Are there building codes in Germany that prevent installation of residential A/C units?

Reason I ask is because I’m in the manufacturing industry and German plants tend to be quite strict about holding 20C all day every day.

My guess is satire, more that culturally residential AC is not common and they don’t want to go down that route.

While I’m from the US, I spent years of my life living in a very hot climate in Latin America without AC followed much later by another 5 years or so without AC living in Southern California. I generally am nostalgic of those times but boy I would have killed for a Dock Pro or Eightsleep back then.

I’ve had a Dock Pro for the last few years now and have had similar experiences to others. I had one unit replaced due to a leak and while it gets extremely cold if you want it to there are a lot of draw backs. Compared to the Eightsleep it’s louder, takes more frequent water, and the pad is stiffer. I’d go with Eightsleep.


It’s mostly a humorous stereotype, fed by a bit cultural quirkiness, urban myths and not having enough hot / humid days to hustify the investment.

For one, our climate in most areas ist barely hot enough that you actually need an A/C. The hot summer days when you really want one become more frequent year after year, but its still like 20 days per year or so.

Then there is a deep-seated fear in Germans that moving air is dangerous and detrimental to your health. My mum will forcefully slam a window or door shut, because there is a light breeze going across her face. I don’t know why, but people are paralyzed by the fear that a light summer breeze, if encountered inside a building, will make you sick and give you a stiff neck. I’ve witnessed senior management get up during meetings an shut down the A/C because of a light breeze (“I can’t get sick this week”) - much to the amazement of our Asian guests.

Building codes do not prevent instaling A/C, but hardly anyone builds a home with A/C. You see the occassional retrofits, but it is still rare. Energy efficiency is also a main concern. People have no worries driving a 3ton SUV 8 meters to the shops, but an A/C is considered bad energy etiquette.