Pod Bed by Eight Sleep

Anyone got this beast? Looks like something they cooked up in a lab for endurance dorks.

I’m actually kind of surprised that I didn’t hear about this first on the podcast, though I am a couple of episodes behind…

I’m looking at a new mattress and this isn’t actually that far behind what you would pay to get a premium memory foam mattress. Any got one? Know someone who has one? They any good?

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I’ve had one for about a month now. It works great, but what you’re getting is a $1000 mattress with $1000 in tech strapped to it. The sleep tracking is cool, it reports awake/light sleep/deep sleep/rem, heart rate, breathing rate, surface temperature and you can set it to 3 different temperatures start/middle/end (I guess making it colder is supposed to help you wake up?). My only concern is it works by pumping a layer of water through the surface so I would expect to see leaks and pump failures well before the mattress is 10 years old. There is a one year warrant on the tech and 10 on the mattress.

Thanks, had no idea bout the water pump issue.

The idea of a cooling bed for someone who sweats at night (like me) is worth the try…

@Peter A non-water based solution: https://bedjet.com/

We recently got an Ooler cooling pad from Chili Technology. It’s a water cooled mattress pad and fits over your own mattress. I think it’s effective. I’ve always slept hot and usually end up on top of the sheets. Now I stay under a heavy blanket all night, which I got after Nate mentioned it on the podcast. The combination is pretty great. I’ve even been going to bed earlier.

Doesn’t seem like it’ll leak, but we have a waterproof cover under it just in case. Only complaint is I wish it was quieter.

If anyone knows any European solutions like the BedJet, I’d be really grateful to see them :slight_smile:

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I’ve been following the Chili pad/Ooler (their new version) since the turn of the year and finally put down an order yesterday.

I sleep hot, especially after I exercise, so looking forward to not waking up roasting. There’s a lot of noise with how it helps with recovery and deep sleep so let’s see if it works!

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Any update? Do you like the Ooler chili pad?

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Edit: 6 months later and I reached out to their support team again. They did a one time after warranty replacement for me, I just had to cover shipping. I no longer dislike them, just wish they would have done that from the start.

I ordered their mattress cover back when you could add the tech to any mattress you owned. It interestingly has broken at 16 months of use, just outside of their warranty window. Just be cautious of whatever you buy from them and make sure that if the tech breaks, you don’t have to buy a mattress to get a replacement of only the sensors. That is all that they have offered to me.

I’ve had the Ooler for a month now. It took me about a week to roughly dial in my temperature curve.
I had set it to the lowest temp all night which seems to be about 48F - didn’t sleep much that night, it was absolutely freezing, way too cold.

Now I have it set to be cool when I start my sleepy time, then within 2 hours it cools to freezing up to 4am, at which point it gradually warms.

It’s a game changer - the first few hours of my sleep is obviously deep-sleep, it’s like being in a coma. Pre-Ooler I would toss and turn constantly, looking for cool patches of the mattress - I did this all my adult life.

With the Ooler I have been waking up in a better mood, and completely refreshed. I noticed on a few days where I was sleep deprived due to having awoken up early - usually that day would be ruined for me from the outset, but now I have noticed that I am completely normal until evening at which point the lack of sleep becomes noticeable (this is normal for my lucky brother, not for me). I’ve put this down to good sleep banked.

Sweet spot has become easy, but honestly I don’t know if this is because I have not been following TR as much recently (and therefore am more rested), or started doing >ftp workouts after following SSB1&2, or because I adopted the Endurance diet (Matt Fitzgerald) 2.5 months ago.

It’s only been 4 weeks with the Ooler, let’s see how it goes.


Chilipad and Ooler are 20% off for Black Friday. I really like that the Ooler has the app and can be scheduled to turn on and off and change temps, etc.

Ooler + heavy blanket is an awesome combo.

It looks like Chili (makers of the chiliPAD and Ooler) do indeed ship internationally, with the exception of some remote islands as well as Russia:

Given how much trouble I have regulating my temperature while sleeping —I have always been a very warm sleeper, and in summer it’s basically death for me— I find the concept really, really tempting!

For those interested, I actually got my Ooler back in August, as I was having lots of trouble with night sweats waking me up. I havent had one night like that since I got the ooler, so I guess it works. I think the BF sales are done, but I do have a few honest reviews and a discount link. Let me know if you have any questions.


Didn’t @Nate_Pearson buy one of these too? I was wondering if it worked well enough to take some of the load off the AC

I think he did also. That is why I had originally posted my review, since I figured there might be questions. I think it serves a different purpose than the AC. Personally I still use the AC, set at around 68. My Ooler is set at 60, and warms to 64 a few hours into sleep. Then it warms me to 70 before I wake up. I actually go through spurts where I randomly wake up at 330 several nights in a row, and I think it tends to be temperature related, still working on the wake up feature (normally I wake at 450). In any case, before my Ooler, I would often toss and turn because I get a hot back. I havent had that once since I got my Ooler almost a year now. Still functions the same as day 1. Once I found the ideal temp setting for me I was good. I think it compliments the AC well, as I can still get cozy under a sheet and blanket, without overheating.

I do have an Ooler and I love it. It started making weird noises last night though! :scream:

I’ve had the the eight sleep pod system for just over a year and while it definitely has flaws, I’d be hard pressed to give it up.

About 360 days in, I woke up in a torso sized puddle. I called, sent some pics, answered a couple questions and they shipped a new active layer and mattress out, no cost. A+ for that warranty service. After the first month I also got a replacement for the pod unit (a desktop computer sized heat exchanger that sits a few feet off to the side of the bed) because I thought mine was too noisy. The replacement was barely quieter, so I live with it and run white noise on my Google home while falling asleep. It keeps my bed COLD which is all I really care about, but it puts the heat in the room … simple physics, I guess, but now I keep our bedroom door cracked open now and run the HVAC on circulate. I love that I can sleep comfortably under a weighted blanket 365 days per year.

All the other “smart features” have been really hit or miss. I don’t find the data to align well with my forerunner 945 which I trust more. Over time it got even less accurate. I eventually stopped looking at it. To their credit they’ve pushed updates over the year, and now have HRV and other new features.