Ooler temperature and temperature schedule

What temperature are people using for their Ooler? I’ve seen everything from 71F online to 65F in the manual and I’d prefer to not have a horrible first night. Anyone using a temperature schedule? Thanks.

I set mine to low. I have it come on at least 30 min before I get in bed and use the warm awake thing, although I’ve never noticed of that does anything. Sometimes my wife has hers hot like a heating blanket :man_shrugging:

Well, turns out 65F is to cold. Ended up bumping the temperature to 67F in the middle of the night and likely still a little cold. Might try 68F tonight.

Are you guys happy with your purchase?

After trying out the Ooler for a few weeks I’m getting ready to send it back. It’s a neat idea, but setting the temperature can be pretty tricky. I couldn’t find any guidance besides pick something between 60 and 70F. Temperatures where I live ranged from highs in the 70s to mid 90s in a week and needed significantly different Ooler temperatures to be comfortable. On very warm nights the Ooler at medium fan speed still didn’t get cool enough to sleep with more than a very light sheet. I could also feel the tubing in the mattress topper which wasn’t great.

Does @Nate_Pearson like his?

Yes, i love it. It did start making funny noises last night though.

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Mine did a firmware update last night. Do you think after the update I could control the fan… Had to turn it off via app and then I could turn it back down to silent.

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