N00b - ramp and FTP tests frequency?

Hi! I’m fairly new to using workouts and training plans for cycling. I have two questions:

  1. Should I pick the 25m ramp test, the 8m FTP test, or the 1h FTP test?
  2. How frequently should I take one of these tests?

Some more info - I’m very time crunched so I started with the 30m workouts. I’ll probably swap in some 45m or longer sessions when time allows. I’m not really following a training plan other than alternating running and cycling each day for 6 days a week.

Other than cycling for leisure, zwift is my only experience with actual interval training on a bike. I only started using TR this week.



  1. I’d start with the ramp test. Bear in mind that the ramp test isn’t necessarily 25 minutes long. It’s until failure, so it could be longer or it could be shorter. Check out this support article for more details and tips: How to Get Your Best FTP Test Results

  2. If you were doing a plan it would be every 4-6 weeks. You might have to play this by ear.

Also check out the Train Now feature as it could help you find appropriate workouts: TrainNow: Intelligently Recommended Workouts - TrainerRoad Blog


If you were looking for some structure in the 30min workouts there is a time crunch 30 plan in trainerroad.

Training Plans > Specialty > Enthusiast > Time Crunch