Ramp test mid-plan

Hi there and sorry if this is a repeat. I just started SSBMV (second week). I am an XCM racer and have a lot of base but it is mid-winter here in Maine. I started with the ramp test only to figure out after that TR paired my Garmin Vectors instead of my Elite Drivo. The Vectors were not calibrated and reading high (no wonder it gave me a 346 FTP. I had done a 20 min FTP on Zwift a few weeks earlier and was at 300. So just manually set my TR FTP at 300 and went on. My question is this: I dont feel like the workouts are quite high enough and am thinking of throwing another Ramp test in. Would like to do it today, Wednesday before my schedule Carter workout. Bad idea?


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Either do a test or make a best guess and increase your FTP manually. Both are fine.

The Ramp test is “kinda low-impact” in that it doesn’t take as much of a toll on your body as the other FTP tests. So fitting one in a given week is pretty easy.


So, seems like your FTP is somewhere between 300-346!

As that’s a pretty big window, certainly enough to put you in the wrong zone when training. I would go for the new ramp test suggestion as If you manually increase your ftp you will have to do it incrementally and possibly more than once.

If you are incorporating into your plan I would do it after carter or whatever ‘easier’ mid week ride you have.


Do it before an endurance or sweet spot session, not a vo2 interval session.

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So before or after Carter? Mi instinct was to ramp first. Love the product so far BTW.

Before Carter is fine, but be aware, if you really pour yourself into the Ramp, even Carter can be a bit much.

I tested last night and often do Carter, but downgraded to Taku instead, because I was smoked from the test (new Max HR indoor and equal to my max outside from 3 years ago :open_mouth: )


Ok will do. I’ve been listening to you guys for a while now on the podcast and finally made the jump. I’ve had a professional coach for two years but decided to cut him loose and go it on my own with TR. Taking it down a notch this year. Raced the NUE series last two years, 2017 Masters Champion and 2018 3rd Masters. I have some pent up questions I want to submit for the Podcast sometime soon:) Thanks Chad.

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For clarity, I am not Coach Chad Timmerman (TR’s head coach).

I am Chad McNeese, an active forum member.


But I am the world-famous JoeX, renowned for handsomeness, success with the ladies and respected by gentlemen everywhere.

Now, where was that sarcasm thread…? :face_with_monocle:


Annnnddd…that didn’t go well. Right at the top of the ladder the app started freezing for like 5 second periods. Very frustrating. Messed up my final 3 minutes:(

Next time. Thanks #otherchad

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Damn. I’m furious when an ftp test is messed up like that.

Better luck next time.

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Bummer. That is no fun to have it go bad like that :frowning: