My Whoosh! the new Zwift 2.0?

Garmin basically closed off all access to 3rd party training platforms sending data to Garmin Connect, after they acquired Tacx. Thus, it pretty much just remains TrainerRoad & Zwift since that point (others like FulGaz have asked repeatedly).

Short of a (pretty substantial) policy shift, I doubt we’d see MyWhoosh getting push access (pushing into Garmin Connect). There’s a long list of bigger companies that would like that, first.


I was playing with the flag back in late 2017 and noted “0” switch sometime in 2018. Did they ever get the Slope variable working?

Sadly I’m beggining to think it’s a dead end as well.
This is my thinking regarding the rationale that it’s fair of them to protect theri product.

Ultimately, I think it depends on what they’re trying to protect. While they maintain there’s a nice revenue stream from the Tacx App Subscriber base, I’d argue it’s smaller than peanuts. And I haven’t seen any evidence they’re meaningfully/dramatically changing the trajectory of that app/platform to some day rival Zwift (or even other smaller apps). To me it just seems in basically maintenance+ mode, in terms of development. Nothing wrong with that per see, just, is what it is.

One of the things Garmin is good at, is constantly adding new features/reasons to stay in their ecosystem - even when there is no reason to do so (meaning, they’re already well beyond their competitors in a given category/market). Yet, they just moving the goalposts out further and further, making it harder and harder for competitors to ever catch up.

In some ways, adding support for other training platforms would do that as well for Garmin. It makes it so that Suunto/Polar/COROS (frankly, especially COROS), can’t walk over to all these smaller platforms and accept inbound uploads. Something both of those sides would likely be happy to do, as it generally is trivial to do. After all, that was the intention when the program (at Garmin) started years ago, before the Tacx acquisition got in the way of those ideals.

Finally, as I’ve reminded Garmin many times, the openness of their platform in other ways is critical to how they’ve succeeded, even if not sexy. Things like openly talking to ANT+/Bluetooth accessories of every type, and vastly expanding those types (which none of their competitors did at the same speed or reach). Or developing an app platform for their devices (CIQ), or developing connectivity to Garmin Connect, or, or, or, or. These were all very open things (in comparison to all their competitors), and have played a large part in history towards Garmin’s success.


To whom it may concern.

There’s a workaround to get Training Status on Garmin from a MyWhoosh workout. At the end of the workout you just need to download the .*fit file, change it to a Garmin device (I’ve used Edge 530) via the website below and upload it to Garmin connect.



Did a few rides on it recently and it’s pretty good. I use a m1 Macbook and it runs well on that, no crashing. Can’t beat free :man_shrugging:


Yep I’ve been using it a bit on a MacBook Air M1 with no issues. Agreed about the value!

I’m also on M1. I load a workout in ERG mode + a podcast or documentary … works like a charm. And it’s free!

With MyWhoosh Go, I can run it again on my 2017 Dell Dell XPS with Win 10 and 1050 Ti. The colors are more saturated than I remember three years ago.

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