My Whoosh! the new Zwift 2.0?

So I have 3 rides on MyWhoosh so far, first one uploaded to everything perfectly fine but the other 2 are pretty wild so thought I’d share.

TR shows Thursdays one hour ride I did as a 3hr 32min ride, but when I click on it it shows it as a 16hr 16min ride. Strava has the same ride as 4hr 57min so obviously this isn’t a TR issue.

However, TR has a lot of trouble opening the ride files and crashes a lot. This is using Safari on my iPhone and my iPad but also crashes the TR app on my iPhone.

I haven’t installed today’s release yet, but look at the TR migration option. Interesting to see how far they have gone with it… pushing workouts to MyWhoosh too much to hope for?

Edit: A first look shows that there is no apparent integration, just an ability to enter some ride stats manually

  • Maybe. IIRC, we are still waiting for the TR > Z connection that was confirmed by Nate a bit ago. My gut says MW would only come after that, but who knows? :man_shrugging:

Just had a look and it seems to be the ability to manually enter a total for ride time, distance and elevation for a period. If that is all it is, then it is not an integration. Nothing of use i can see

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Yeah, so weird. No matter what you choose, you manually enter the data.
“Migration”, you can’t believe … :smile:

That’s an interesting move. And another article that can’t help but mention Zwift four times in the article, twice in the headlines. Doesn’t Rouvy now have levelling too? crickets

Wouldn’t doing this remove a lot of the levelling up gamification / usage incentives / sense of achievement when on the platform?

Does anyone ask the dealer to wind the clock up on a new car to match their old one?


That was my immediate reaction.

Some people are all about status.

No, me neither. :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think it will move the dial much. But then again, I don’t speak with authority as I have never used it - my ipad pro is too old to even run the app!

I am interested to see how the platform handles the esports cycling world championships in October.

I don’t think that even executing the event flawlessly will bring as much benefit to mywhoosh as the damage that could be done by even a slight hiccup.

MyWhoosh is an odd setup, and honestly doesn’t do anything for me (I don’t feel the worlds have the sense of space and freedom that Watopia has, and they are not going after core functionality anywhere near as effectively as indieVelo are).


What cannot be denied is the sheer pace of development coming from MyWhoosh compared to the glacial, hamstrung rate of improvement at Zwift. Even if they get 2 in every 3 things wrong, in 2 years they will be miles ahead.


They just need to start paying people to do group workouts and races.

At this stage I’d just be happy if there were a range of different jerseys (or other non-bike gear because everyone just uses the Tron bike) that I could spend my millions of drops on

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My first reaction when reading this is that there are probably are merger or buyout talks happening. Zwift has never been profitable. Its executives have to be looking for an infusion of cash and some golden parachutes. UAE has lots of cash and clearly wants to do something in cycling.