Wahoo RGT Closing October 31st, 2023

Per an email I just received:

Wahoo’s mission is to “build the better athlete in all of us” through our world-renowned KICKR smart trainers, ELEMNT bike computers, connected fitness products, and software. Wahoo X includes the structured training app SYSTM (formerly The Sufferfest) and the virtual cycling app RGT.

To deliver the very best experience for Wahooligans – we have made the strategic decision to focus on our long-established strengths around structured training content through SYSTM. We will be closing RGT at the end of October (10/31/2023).

This shift in focus means our talented team’s efforts, attention, and innovation will now be dedicated exclusively to SYSTM. Our vision for SYSTM is clear: to deliver the absolute best training software to help you become stronger, fitter, and faster, both on and off the bike.

We genuinely appreciate your involvement in our Wahoo X community and we understand this news may be inconvenient. To make this transition smoother for you, we’d like to offer you 30 days free of full access to SYSTM to explore the immersive content and effective workouts that we will continue to offer and expand upon.


RIP RGT, may someone else’s attempt at taking some market share away from Zwift work.


Obviously the writing was on the wall. But I don’t have a lot of nice thoughts about Wahoo purchasing RGT then killing it after a 1.5 years. I’d rather they would have left it alone. Maybe it would have died on its own or maybe somebody else would have purchased it and kept it alive. But those would be preferable to just outright killing it.


I actually cancelled my RGT last month. Whilst I quite liked the lack of users for doing workouts in peace I didn’t like the steering with my fingers a bit of a mess post chemo I don’t want to be pressing too many buttons, and one of the updates made it hog the ant+ dongle (it had shared it with TR before). The result being I hadn’t used it in ages!

Edit @dcrainmaker has your site been hacked? After I scroll down a 1/4 of a page its redirecting me to a site that’s blocked by my company IT or a page that says ‘warning McAfee is out of date’ (my company doesn’t use McAfee). Im not getting this behaviour on any other web page (TR, TR forum, GC and Strava etc).

That’s odd. I haven’t seen anything on any of the automated systems. Do you remember if a specific ad popped up before it occurred? Scrolling would typically mean that you’ll trigger an ad downstream, though, those shouldn’t redirect. The fake Symantec pop-up from whatever site you landed on though would be just that, a fake pop-up.

There’s lots of ways you can be redirected, either ones originating from the site, or the computer itself. Still, certainly odd. I’ll hit up the ad platform company we use, and see if they’ve had any reports of bad ads today.



Seems like the Wahoo / Zwift peace making has it’s first victim


I used RGT a lot for training TTs by riding up Ventoux and Stelvio over winter 2021. Then Wahoo took it over, raised the price, started bungling it with “SYSTM” and adding steering (!) and I never bothered again. Must have cost someone in Wahoo a lot of money and despite selling out, I expect it has really hacked off the original RGT developers. Shame.

This winter I’ll be testing Rouvy out.

Sorry I was in a meeting and haven’t got back to you till now. That’s what I thought the first time (I’d clicked on something by mistake), so I closed everything and reopened your page, being careful not to click anything and got re-directed to the McAfee site. I deliberately haven’t tried a 3rd time :neutral_face:

Try “indieVelo”. It’s much better as a racing platform as the physics and the racing is much more realistic. It’s relatively new so still free and well worth a look.

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You must have stopped subscribing and re-subscribed perhaps? My price stayed the same. But I cancelled just last week as I hadn’t used it in a long time. I stopped using it initially after the steering stuff (I don’t want to be pressing lots of buttons in a sweaty workout with chemo damaged fingers which aren’t 100% sensitive) and when I started to reuse it, it had become difficult to set up as it started hogging the ant + dongle it had previously shared with TR. IIRC I had to get a 2nd Ant + dongle and start things up in a certain order (TR then RGT or visa versa). I think I’m going to try About Mywhoosh | Virtual Indoor Cycling for Ultimate Fitness ExperienceMyWhoosh

That’s too bad. I liked their racing better than Zwift. They had some cool “real” races that mimicked actual races like ToAD and Joe Martin. And I thought the interface was more realistic than Zwift. Just lacked users which is a massive thing for racing.

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I merged your post with the existing one from earlier this morning.


I looked and searched for an existing thread honest, only found the existing one 10 seconds after creating a new one :-/ cheers


I quit RGT as soon as my trial subscription ended after the take over. I suspected that this will happen and surprised that it took this long. System is next. I hope the guys that created RGT got paid.

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I literally had decided to sign up to train a specific magic road last night and then woke up to this.

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I received the same email too and I guess I will be using Zwift for a year now. I did enjoyed using the platform and having that moto cam on the avatar. As a consumer I did not see this coming because they were always supportive with my queries about RGT.

I think trainer road can pick up RGT and make it a success. There is already a community here. Trainer road can make race and group ride events for their subscribers by advertising them on the Podcast. They can have monthly or even stage events live stream on the Youtube channel going against some of their guest and TR athletes. It should be a rule if you come on the podcast you must race a Trainer Road RGT event. That would be fun going against a trainer road crit team.

I wish Wahoo growth from this move and hope they lock in on what they do best and gain success from it.

Please no. TR has to focus on their core product. They are way behind on using outside rides for Workout Levels, Adaptive Training, etc and ensuring the core product is worth the price. Trying to make a Zwift competitor work would waste lots of money and effort. It would kill the training platform.

There’s plenty of companies trying to compete with Zwift. And the fact that they aren’t very successful tells you something.


Is that even an option? Wahoo bought RGT. I’m not sure they will turn around and sell it at this point

If they’re just going to close it down, they could open source the assets so any one could use the world/engine. (Wish)

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It must suck for the original creators, to see a passion project handed off (sold for some value presumably) only to see it nuked down the line like this.