RGT Cycling acquired by Wahoo = "Wahoo X"

Just got an email from Wahoo to say they have picked up RGT and now have a bundle to package RGT premium with SYSTM.

Makes good sense for them, I’d been wondering for a while who would pick up RGT if they didn’t get substantial VC money to allow them to properly start competing with Zwift.

Hopefully this will see more innovation in Esport and training software intergrations

Update: added link to Wahoo website Wahoo X Subscription for Indoor Cycling Apps | Wahoo Fitness EU

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zwift needs strong competition


Only $130 a year for both premium RGT and SYSTM. Wonder if the free RGT membership will be phased out.

This is a interesting move, was using Systm just for the Yoga, but but was going to drop it as Zwift/TR/Wahoo was a bit much, this changes everything (I think)


More to add as we get wider news, but this is essential and I may add it to the OP at the top for quick reference.

Without reading more than the headlines, I feel this is HUGE news and will impact the indoor cycling world in big ways. It may well hit Zwift, but TR as well considering the “larger package” that Wahoo seems to be building here.


BOOOOO. I loved RGT. Not a happy camper.


Wahoo: “Introducing Wahoo X: One Subscription. Two Apps.”



Can I ask why?

Curious on your outlook and take on this.

I have 4 broken wahoo HR straps. Each failed within a year.

I’m not a fan of the company; wahoo. I just haven’t had a good experience.

Plus, I loved that RGT was just cycling in an environment without anyone. It was also half the price of Zwift. I just want an avatar moving to simulate outdoors. Zwift is a bit too expensive for my use case. It is likely wahoo will raise the price.


I find it a very interesting move, doing endurance rides or some intensity racing against others is much better than having to find a movie/tv series each time.

Perhaps quite a few people will decide to make a move from TR, especially those more expert who use it essentially only for controlling the indoor trainer and workout catalogue.

It will eventually come down IMHO on AT detecting outdoor workouts and smarter training plans (train now for me keeps suggesting only endurance rides based on PLs that are in free fall as I cannot bother matching my outdoor rides with an indoor one).

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Tbh, if Wahoo was able to make an indoor simulator with more training power, that would give Zwift a real run for its money.

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Competition is good and Zwift needs it. It’s a slight hit to Zwift but hopefully it makes them better in the long run.


That’s a very interesting piece by DCRainmaker. Hints at things TR may have to address post Covid, along with the challenges Wahoo will have to overcome to get traction against Zwift.

The most disappointing thing he mentioned about Wahoo plans, was they wouldn’t build a world to link routes etc. I think long term that will be a mistake, as I think that’s one of Zwifts real plus points. It allows people to ride the same way as they might in real world. Riding laps of short courses gets old quick in RGT, unless you are just doing intervals.


Hense why they had to sell


More like got paid for it :laughing:

Their bots were also really good too. And the graphics were literally years ahead of Zwift. Tho that last might not be the complement it should be.

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Seems from Rays article that a key focus will be Magic Road and racing. If so then most roads will still be quiet, as most people will be in magic roads largely by themselves or events.

I also find Wahoo HR straps to be pretty poor, eat through batteries and straps die much quicker than my Garmin ones

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Gonna read the articles now. Just saw my email inbox and needed to rush here to flame asap


This is exciting, especially if they create more courses that are workout friendly, so you could do workouts in a world.

On this, I really wish some one would creat an MC Escher world: a long loop with climb sections, but no down hill sections. I don’t care that this isn’t real, it would be a much better trading experience.

I’ve tried RGT, and besides needing longer loops, my biggest gripe was that gradient changes weren’t visible. I only knew the gradient changed because it got harder / easier.


It’s an interesting move that will undoubtedly restart the discussion around a potential merger between TR and Zwift. At some point, it becomes a cost-benefit analysis where consumers start wondering if the extra cost of two systems, even if they’re better virtual and training platforms, is worth it. I think Wahoo is focusing on a significant growth to it’s subscribers by undercutting the competition.


I know quite a few wahoo employees were let go last week.