My Whoosh! the new Zwift 2.0?

As it’s starting to warm up, I’ve canceled my Zwift account to ride outside. Although we just had a cold snap so I’m back indoors. I gave MyWhoosh a try.

It’s not bad. Can’t beat the free price. The speeds feel more realistic than Zwift, which I can cruise at like 180 watts going 24mph which is pretty unrealistic. So there goes the free miles. Graphics look slightly better than Zwift in my opinion, but that’s personal preference. I personally don’t care about the number of other riders around me, nor would I care if there are bots. I use Zwift or MyWhoosh to pass the time. I mute the group chat. So empty worlds literally have zero influence on my experience. If I wanted to race, Zwift still has the huge advantage. But if you’re wanting a virtual riding experience, then I’d much rather use the free MyWhoosh than pay $15/mo for Zwift.

So as of now, I’ll probably keep using it on the few days I have to ride indoors. And possibly use it next winter when I’m indoors. I don’t find a ton of value in Zwift. Still need to try out a workout. TrainerDay is still my favorite workout player, so really I’m fine with just paying the $4/mo for that year round.

Overall, pleasantly surprised with it. And it’s free so it’s a winner for now.


This not yet gives me some hope … :eyes:


With the recent announcement by zwift that prices are going up around 30%, I’m considering other cheaper/free virtual cycling options. Those of you who have been using MyWhoosh for a while, what are your thoughts of it compared to Zwift for free riding/racing/structured training?

It’s free which is nice. It’s fine. It works for me. The worlds are less crowded which is a plus for me but I know some people like to see other riders. I wouldn’t care if I’m the only rider in the virtual world, I’m not there for other people. I also don’t care about the whole video game aspect of Zwift like EXP and levels, or the drop shop, or ride ons. I like that you can pick any bike and gear setup right from the start, you don’t have to unlock anything like in Zwift. And the graphics are better. I haven’t done any races but I would imagine that is going to be nowhere as good as Zwift just because of the people using it. So if you race, I think you’ll be disappointed. If you just use it for distraction, it’s fine.


Now that they have an apple tv app, i started using it again. I like it, its better than zwift in some ways (hud is better, better graphics). Totally works fine for free rides or doing workouts in erg. Theres a few details they are still fine tuning, but no big deal. As said above, the ridership is low, so you dont see groups of people riding, just solo riders here and there. I think when riding yesterday there were 500 people on my map, where zwift would have like 8000. Havent tried any of their events/races yet, there companion app exists, but is still in development and some features not turned on yet. So to sum, if you dont need a big social aspect, its totally a great option.


On apple TV, kit, bike and wheels options are level locked in mywoosh for me? It won’t connect to control my Hammer v1, so kinda moot for me in the end.

Can i create a .ZWO workout and import to Mywoosh? And if so, does it accept Freeride intervals? As in intervals that don’t use ERG mode but instead use the terrain changes so i can modulate the power myself like i can do on Zwift?

If you’re in workout mode on Zwift you’re not feeling the terrain no matter what mode you’re in.

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For clarity, when Zwift workouts engage the “Free Ride” sections, it swaps people using ERG mode into their Slope mode (progressive resistance like old fluid trainers) which is not the same as Sim mode (dynamic in accordance with terrain). Their Slope mode does require shifting for the user to set their desired resistance level, but it is not affected by road pitch.

For people already in their Slope mode, I don’t think there is any real “change” in Free Ride sections.


You can feel the terrain when using freeride on workout mode on Zwift, hence the whole point of my question… I can do that on Zwift, all of my workouts are done using regular ERG mode for warming up and cooldown and any interval below Z3. All of the other intervals are done using Freeride and i just modulate the power according to the terrain, and want to know if it’s possible to do the same on MyWhoosh…

You should tell Zwift, because it’ll come as a heck of a shock to them.


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Don’t know exactly what’s the shock. It’s a know feature for some time now…
I mean try it if you want. Just create a workout with a freeride section and test it for yourself…

Challenge Accepted :smile:

It’ll be tomorrow, though. I’ve just done squats and deadlifts so I’m going nowhere near the bike today.

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I do all of my workouts (apart from pure Z2/Endurance rides) on Mont Ventoux (Or ven top) on Zwift for that particular reason…
All of my hard intervals i can modulate the power on the climb by using the FreeRide intervals instead of Erg Mode. Really revolutionized indoor training for me.

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I have been unable to find offical Z documentation, but all the other resources I have seen point to a basic Slope mode in use, not Sim mode.

This is an older post, but presuming that is still in place, the default is Slope mode unless someone applies the hack as covered.

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Unless @Tiaxx is setting FlatRoad=“0” is my take from reading that

Not setting FlatRoad to 0. All i do is create a workout on and use Free Ride intervals.

As explained here:


Here’s an example of a workout i did this week:

Well, I never. Ever the empiricist, I created a new workout in Zwift and rode it on the Titans Grove rollers and @Tiaxx is 100% correct. :clap:

That’s a feature they snuck in under my (and I suspect most others’) radar.


I don’t think it’s a new feature, it’s more what Zwiftworkout is doing, in the article @mcneese.chad liked it states that it will follow the terrain of flatroad if set to 0 or removed

If you create a workout in the link that @Tiaxx provided and look at the output, it is outputting flatroad=0

So I think it all makes sense, and everybody was right … in someway, I’ve not looked at what the Zwift editor does, but expect that is flatroad=1, hence the confusion